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  1. RocknRoll

    Freedom of Speech?

    Direct and to the point. Nice. :)
  2. I do not seem to have permission to use the (Mark all items as read) button. [#20312] Sorry, but you do not have permission to use this feature. If you are not logged in, you may do so using the form below if available.
  3. Some servers may not be updating their ban lists. You may have to contact them each individually to get cleared from their particular list.
  4. RocknRoll

    streaming server Sigs

    Maybe post the example with the code.
  5. RocknRoll

    Displayed Name

    Click ==> My Controls above In the left hand menu under "Personal Profile" Click ==> Change Display Name
  6. RocknRoll

    Registering Clantag / Nickname

    When I was doing the list, I did the games that the account was streaming incase some admins wanted to pick and choose from the listing. The game does not matter though as the Registration through EvenBalance is NOT game specific. The registration is valid for ALL PunkBuster supported games.
  7. RocknRoll

    Registering Clantag / Nickname

    Updated my TAGs from "2009" to "2010" ==> protected.cfg
  8. RocknRoll

    punkbuster issued perm. ban

    PsB - aa632311 = Clean PsB - f4fdb743 = Clean Must be a local ban.
  9. RocknRoll

    Registering Clantag / Nickname

    Sorry but this will be the last update for me, guys. Just, too busy. "=TRR=" Tag TRR preoctected Tags 2010-02-15 - Added ---------------------------------------- ** Updated ** ( 1 Added, 2 Removed, 1 Updated ) ==> protected.cfg
  10. You do not even have to type /pb_myguid ( for CoD anyways ). Just join a PB enabled server and console spits out your GUID as soon as you connect.
  11. RocknRoll

    Registering Clantag / Nickname

    You can cancel your registration and request a refund. http://www.evenbalance.com/index.php?page=faq-namereg.php
  12. RocknRoll

    Registering Clantag / Nickname

    Ah man that is just outright LAME. :lol: I meant that I edited my post to remove MY "stupid answer". :P
  13. RocknRoll

    Registering Clantag / Nickname

    "=]TS[=" Tag Tactical-Shooters - Multigaming Since 2003 - www.tactical-shooters.net =]TS[=Ruepel 2010-03-08 - Active and Streaming - Re-added and Updated ":]v[:" Tag WE don't need to cheat! - www.harmattanvanguard.com :]v[: Jerry Lewis 2010-01-08 - Active and Streaming - Added ---------------------------------------- ** Updated ** ==> protected.cfg `
  14. RocknRoll

    Registering Clantag / Nickname

    ** stupid answer removed ** Not enough coffee yet this morning
  15. RocknRoll

    Registering Clantag / Nickname

    Yes, XamCam, it is true. Confirmed via Trouble Ticket with Evenbalance. => http://www.pbbans.com/forums/index.php?sho...c=71237&hl= ------------------------------------------------------ I believe it's problem with CoD:WW. => CoD4 #1 = Shows that the regname.dat is found. #2 = Shows the registration info. => CoD:WW #1 = regname.dat is found #2 = NOT showing registration.

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