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  1. No you only need to search for the binds that contain the action "attack" it will tell you which key it is binded to in the logs You can only get the results from the logs These should show it clearly (my settings are default as you can see) [01.15.2008 22:27:53] Running PB Scheduled Task (slot #8) pb_sv_bindsrch "attack"" [01.15.2008 22:27:53] 1 Bind Query Sent [01.15.2008 22:27:53] [From #1 b530(VALID) shiver^6*] [KEY_MOUSE1 = +attack][1 key binding match found] [01.15.2008 22:28:23] Running PB Scheduled Task (slot #9) pb_sv_bindsrch "frag"" [01.15.2008 22:28:23] 1 Bind Query
  2. This won't make much difference, but you might like to know regarding the use of + in the bind search for every action there has to be a reaction so if you have a + and you also have to have a - in short, just search for anything with 'attack' binded don't worry about the + or - Here are some others you might like (minus explaination of why each needs to be searched for, up to you what you dislike...) pb_sv_task 60 900 "pb_sv_bindsrch "vstr"" pb_sv_task 90 900 "pb_sv_bindsrch "com_maxfps"" pb_sv_task 120 900 "pb_sv_bindsrch "rate"" pb_sv_task 150 900 "pb_sv_bindsrch "exec
  3. It's a bind tweak, not a change to the game as developed so what you are stating there is IMPOSSIBLE with his kind of 'mod' It's a .cfg file and I don't really class those as a mod although they are to a degree and I guess it's personal opinion ;) These little cfg files are not cheats, although they can be a bit unfair, if you see and dislike them on your server just warn/local ban, I don't think it's much problem though (some are don't get me wrong, like the one that gave rapid fire in CoD2 due to a glitch, but they are take them as they come...)
  4. Not tested but looks viable, it only changes the way your mouse1 button reacts, instead if open fire by holding it down it just gives you +attack; -attack basically one mouse button press EVEN if you hold it (1 shot/bullet) You can do this by pressing the button one press at a time by yourself, a script just automates this, don't think it's cheating in this way but I don't like any scripts that affect stuff like this. As an admin cannot see the .cfg contents (only do keybind searches for them)
  5. http://www.evenbalance.com/publications/cod-ad/index.htm http://www.evenbalance.com/publications/co...ndex.htm#pbrcon http://www.evenbalance.com/publications/co...htm#playerpower should have everything you need to know
  6. I don't want to spoil your moment of glory when you get to "110" but if we calculate rank in your way, ie adding together separate attempts. You got to 55, then down to 22, then back up to 55 55 - 22 = 33, then ofc it takes 22 to get back to 55 meaning 55 + 22 = 77 If you want to reach 110 you need to get your rank knocked down this same way at least twice more, first will get you to 99 (77 + 22 = 99). Then again but this time you only need to reach a rank of 33 (110-99 = 11, rank 22 + 11 = 33) That will make your total 110 :) This is of course assuming you carried on from rank
  7. Well this sounds simple but really depends A LOT on the reason for storing/displaying/using a GUID Like a league, we store the full 32 but only show the last 8 (in public), mainly because the last 8 are unique so the other 24 are a waste of space and just look untidy (maybe there is another reason but I dont know it if there is lol) Also it's easier sometimes just to show 8 as a lot of people think there is some kind of risk to them if someone has their full 32 digit GUID GUID's are very easy to get, even with only the last 8 (or first 8 I believe at PBBans MPI although never teste
  8. what do you mean? a GUID like this.... 71f9b5cdac139607f5d3734cb201b530 which is mine btw, I'm not scared to show it, what can anyone do with it? I would not post my CD key though GUID's are generated from the CD key, and it's not meant to be possible to "reverse" the process thus getting someone's cd key from the guid, if that makes sense A GUID on it's own is fairly harmless for anyone to have...
  9. This GUID is globally banned by EvenBalance Checked on MPI server was probably not streaming, hence why not on any banlist, as this is a direct ban from EB
  10. What's your operating system? XP/vista Also what anti-virus and firewall? These are where I would start, but tell us what you have and we can make suggestions as to what to try next
  11. I have heard about this bug with crossfire systems, although the one I read about seemed to actually see that in game also, which I guess you don't (for about one minute) I can't remember where I read it though sorry
  12. windows server are more prone for lag due to PB cvarlogging on was the main lag problem in CoD2
  13. http://www.pbbans.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=39724
  14. I posted this link in a different thread yesterday, but in case you did not see it I'll post again http://www.eurodomination.net/forum/viewto...?f=9&t=1870 Best way to test these settings is by starting a local server and using them, if you only play with stock settings and forget to change one back, you won't get banned, only kicked ;) Most stock cvars are changed by changing options on the main menu, like texture detail Polygon settings, however, are not. These have to be manually changed, so if someone is getting kicked from your server for this they do know why and they
  15. try changing this is your config_mp.cfg seta cl_connectionAttempts "60" (default 10 I believe unless altered by a patch) also the server has a similar setting that can make this a problem for clients with slower map loading times, but as thats server side you can't change it... edit, in case any admins want this setting for their pub servers sv_connecttimeout set to 120 or something like that
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