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  1. Thank God. I could not understand what was going on last night. I was watching 10+ bans per minute on our BC2 server. For exactly those violations. I went to check the log, it was short and there were 107 instances of these bans in the log, is less then 30 minutes. I was like, this cant be normal, it cant be this bad. Glad to see it was resolved. Great work as always MaydaX!!!
  2. What kind of tests do you need to run? Is there anything I can do to help? I would hate to lose support for my MoH server. If you like, I will grant you rcon access to my server to test things out. You can download logs, do as you like to get things working. Let me know.
  3. @Maydax I swore I read on FPSadmin that you posted you had no intentions of supporting MoH? Did you change your mind?
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