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  1. The solution would be for yawn to remove that whole ETPro guid field. It's just nonsense, since they are long known to be easily fakeable.
  2. I can only second that, these scripts are great! If I find the time, I'll add name to ID translation to gwrevv3.lua...
  3. Bummer. And if we would make that a premium service, so it would cost admins a few euros if they activate it?
  4. I see that this is integrated in your gwrev script, though it only warns, it doesn't kick if I get that right. I have no idea about lua, could you update that script so automatic kicking is configurable? :) Cool! It's like kicking reversed - instead of forcing a known bad GUID to wait, we force all unknown GUIDs to wait, only excluding known good GUIDs. Due to the fact that there are unlimited GUIDs available, and cheaters can easily get new ones and thereby circumventing the wait time, this is absolutely the way to go in ET and maybe simlilar free games. I see that this feature is inte
  5. As I said, usually this works in ETPro, too. The cheaters just seem to have found a way around that. kmod and etadmin_mod won't help much, because they have to rely on the GUID. Bans of course get stored permanently, but due to the availability of new GUIDs they're not of much help anymore. IP bans are not permanent as long as we used the etadmin_mod command "!banip 80.160", and I finally put it in the server.cfg then. That's what I wanted to say :) Well, !disarm from mcsteve sounds like a funny idea ;) Yes, it was, but I can't understand why they actually abandoned it. The i
  6. The last few weeks we had serious problems with mostly cheating nazis on our server, and somehow I feel left in the lurch by PB. As far as I can see, there are only two things in ET Punkbuster that are still reliable: IP range bans work, and PB GUIDs are not arbitrarily fakable, cheaters can only get random new GUIDs. Apart from this, everything else is not really effective anymore: * vote kicks / kicks: when our regulars try to votekick the cheaters, they can rejoin immediately, although neither their IP nor their GUID changes: When I joined the server and had someone votekick me it
  7. @Necromancer: see "Bugfixes and changes" in the readme, @RoadWarrior: I know about kmod, but I've never tested it. It seems to have some nice features (things that are not possible without lua, because lua is so tightly integrated into the game), but I believe there are many things that kmod can't do. [Just wanted to look into the kmod source to see how it works, but the download link is dead :/] For example, I've written an etadmin_mod extension that allows players to vote whether they like the maps (!like / !dislike), and the results (2743 votes so far) are stored in a MySQL database. T
  8. HH-Funclan ET Tools: vim syntax highlighting | etadmin_mod fixes I decided to publish some more of our ET tools & modifications... so here it is: our etadmin_mod patch :) You will always find the latest version of the patch and the readme file on our website: http://download.hh-funclan.de/tools/etadmin_mod/hhpatch/ I will quote them here so you can have a look without following that link. Patch: --- clean/etadmin_mod.pl 2007-10-08 16:30:19.000000000 +0200 +++ etadmin_mod.pl 2007-10-15 20:32:00.000000000 +0200 @@ -4310,8 +4310,7 @@ if ( ( $type eq "KICK" || $type eq "MUTE" )
  9. Well, you could use the Windows version of gvim: http://www.vim.org/download.php#pc ;) Paths should then be relative to C:\Program Files\vim\gvim or something like that. As you are most probably not familiar to (g)vim and unix editors in general, you won't be able to really use gvim as an editor (it's incredible hard to use if you've never used it before), but you can still use it to load the ET log and scroll around.
  10. I guess we all are looking through our logs from time to time... a few months ago, I wrote a syntax file for vim to make the log file (etserver.log) much easier to view. Have a look at the screenshots :) To install the syntax file, copy the following code into the file /usr/share/vim/vim70/syntax/etlog.vim: " Vim syntax file " Language : Enemy Territory log file " Maintainer : Helmut Honigdachs " Last change: 01.08.2007 if exists("b:current_syntax") finish endif " say syn match etSay '^..:..\... say: .\+$' contains=ALL syn match etSayTeam '^..:..\... sayteam: .\+$' contains=ALL
  11. I don't know how we were able to keep our servers running for so long without streaming to pbbans :)
  12. Well, if you would be discussing this in English, I would actually be able to understand what you're talking about :-) I would be always very careful when PB screenshots just look 'strange', because for example black screenshots are just normal when playing under Linux, and faulty graphics drivers create strange looking black-and-white screenshots. But as far as I know, pbbans considers identical screenshots over at least 3 maps as enough evidence for a screenshot blocker and therefor for a ban, so if these screenshots were taken on a streaming server, go ahead and submit them over your t
  13. On our ET server HH-Funclan 2 (, all screenshots taken from my computer are black. The reason: I'm playing under Linux :) That's why a black screenshot is completely worthless when trying to find cheaters - it could be a player under Linux, or it could be a cheater who knows about that problem and set up his cheat program to display a black picture.
  14. Thank you! I have already submitted the first screenshot :-) Heiko Hering ( http://www.pbbans.com/forums/index.php?showuser=107846 ) is the guy I am administrating our servers with. Is it possible to give him the same permissions on pbbans.com that I now have? Many thanks in advance :-)
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