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  1. Hub Game: ET Clantag: [sCW] Such Crazy Warriors Thanks! http://www.pbbans.com/msi.php?action=1&amp...1.217.251:27960
  2. Hi fozzer, okay, now it works, Server is there at pbbans.com .. Thanks !
  3. Hi, i setting up the HUB Streaming for our RtCW Public Server ( SCW Clan) All settings are done, when i call pb_sv_uconlist in HLSW, i see the entry.. My Account at pbbans.com is created, but when i search for my Server on the PBBANS Side, i get the Info: Server was not found on our system. Can anyone help me to find the mistake ? Best wishes, NightEagle
  4. Hub Game: RtCW Clantag: [sCW]Such Crazy Warriors Thanks
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