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  1. Thx guys. Seems his ban is lifted :) Greetz and all best for ya. Pest aka $ybilleRauch
  2. Well,we done a little text together yesterday evening and i put it for him to englisch, but my english is sometimes not for the best too :) I'm waiting till he gets home from Uni and than he can do that appeal thing. Like i said hes fair and friendly Player and he did that not on purpose, hes 2 days not sleeping now cuz it..lol :( He will appeal later. Thanx so far :)
  3. Well,morning together. Im a long time RTCW 1.41 Shrub Player and part of this community. I'm playin in some Fun Clan called THC,near 5 year old Clan. Well,we have a strange problem. One of our Players is caught by PBSS for Wallhack. http://www.pbbans.com/mbi.php?action=5&ban_id=26264 Yawn: http://yawn.boozze.be/findPlayer.yawn?game...pbGuid=167c682a Well,he is long time player but still unexperienced with cfg and stuff,he never touched his cfg manually, only a Limbo Menu user. Some days ago he said to me and clanmates in Teamspeak that he have a strange bug when Allie-Sniper
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