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  1. Editing profile to add our server....I am unable to save due to birth date field. It's got the month in both fields and then the year. Cannot add the day. Just figured I'd pass that along maydax.
  2. We have built an impressive Punkbuster Screenshot viewer that you can install on any php webserver to retrieve your games punkbuster screenshots. In order to use PB Stream, your game must be protected by "Punkbuster" and your server company / server admin must make your screenshots publicly viewable. PB Stream is FREE to download and use! What is PB Stream built with? HTML5 CSS3 ANGULAR JS JQUERY GLYPHICONS BOOTSTRAP MODERNIZR NORMALIZE GOOGLE ANALYTICS Each line of code has been written to be super fast and reliable. We have also used the latest developer standards
  3. Ok, edited all servers...will populate them tonight to get activity on them! Thanks magnet :)
  4. Odd...it was there when I posted this....lol Resubmitted Magnet, thanks :)
  5. So not sure how long it's been since our new server streamed but it should be sending now. Never got any emails from pbbans for not streaming or in spam folder :( Should be fixed now, thanks Team site url changed from: http://deadendgaming.net to http://d3g.in ^just shortened the url up (it looks nicer)
  6. We are coding a screenshot viewer for our server ss and want to add a submit to pbbans button on suspicious screenshots. What url can I add to the hardcoded screenshots page to submit them?
  7. I need some pages created for our site and am looking for a php coder. I also need some insight from MayDaX on some of the functions :) Here is what we need... Pages Needed: 1. Game Server viewer page for AAPG 2. PB Screenshot viewer Requirements: Screenshots will be searchable by guid, name and can be submitted to: ACI, PBBANS & GGC-STREAM Pages will be designed in Photoshop so all you have to do is code it Must work with AAPG Steam profile link or add me as friend Teamspeak 3 installed with mic (easier communication) English speaking Payment: Please post or PM a quote Payment will
  8. Never been a fan of cod after mw2 died off.....
  9. 1. What is your steam id? 2. In short no there is no way to prove the vac ban is not yours. If it's assigned to your steam id....you or someone on your account got the ban.
  10. Thanks for the update :)
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