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  1. yodaddy


    so i am trying to get random ss set up, i have the randomss.cfg file in the pbfolder this is what it looks like // Take screenshot from up right corner so minimap will be in shot. pb_sv_task 300 900 pb_sv_SsXpct 30 //[Percentage across screen for remote screenshots] pb_sv_task 300 900 pb_sv_SsYpct 60 //[Percentage down screen for remote screenshots] // Take screenshot from random location pb_sv_task 600 900 pb_sv_SsXpct -1 //[Percentage across screen for remote screenshots] pb_sv_task 600 900 pb_sv_SsYpct -1 //[Percentage down screen for remote screenshots] // Take screenshot from mi
  2. would this stream to both if i had this in my pbsv.cfg file pb_sv_uconignoreempty pb_sv_usessionlimit 9 pb_sv_ucontimeout 90 pb_sv_uconempty pb_sv_uconadd 1 "pbbanshub" "pbbanshub" pb_sv_uconadd 1 AONLIVE LIVEBETA pb_sv_task 0 7200 pb_sv_ver or would i have to seperate them like. //Pbbans.com Streaming pb_sv_uconignoreempty pb_sv_usessionlimit 9 pb_sv_ucontimeout 90 pb_sv_uconempty pb_sv_uconadd 1 "pbbanshub" "pbbanshub" pb_sv_task 0 7200 pb_sv_ver pb_sv_uconadd 1 AONLIVE LIVEBETA pb_sv_usessionlimit 8 pb_sv_t
  3. okay so i got a new server ip and the server ip is already in database, can you please add it to mine. just changed my server from NY to Chi and this is the ip that they gave me and i can not add it. nvm got it sorted out...
  4. dont know how to say this but i wana be removed from my current team, i tryed deleating allmy servers, my friend is trying to add me to his streaming account so i can submit ss for hima nd edt the server settings, so can u remove me from my team.. thanks.
  5. well this will nock ur socks off, literally. Well me and my 2 other TWL teamates went into [RIP] public server and played quite well, we were all on same team and all had 40+ kills with 3 deaths each, since we were all meds, :P. then they say we hack and what not, so lame... then they get arround to banning us, well now it gets funny. first person of my team gets banned says, Banning!!! BLANK baning by punk buster 2nd teammate, Banning!!! blank banning by puk buster my turn is up, Banning!!! yodaddy banning by punk bujster i though this was so funny, this made my day, funnes
  6. streaming server does not make it laggy, or any thing, in order to submit ss your server must be streaming to make sure that the ss that you submit are actually legit
  7. i cant access the http://www.pbbans.com/mci.php says acess denied, im streaming my server ip: game BF2
  8. if u use steam do this, BUGS: The steam community overlay causes the following: Intro videos crash Server Browser is slow and has few responses Punk buster will kick you because the overlay is against its rules just turn off steam overlay ppl that use this will get kicked for 125001 error as well as the unknow api which is 131133, the next punkbuster update should fix this problem as stated by the person that ansered my post thing.
  9. yodaddy


    once and a while ill get kicked for a unknow driver/program dont know exacpt error cos i only got it like 2 times out of the 20 times i tryed to play when i was turning off xfire, teamspeak and vent to see if that caused it which they didnt. it does not do this to me in any other punkbuster game just COD2, does not do this to me in COD1. or UO expansion. iv check both ban lists and im not on neither, pbbans or punksbusted, iv used the name Yodaddy in cod2 and my ip is the same that im posting on the forums with now. well rate now im running windows update cos my version of windo
  10. yodaddy


    Unknown/Missing API kick, if u want a ss ill show u
  11. yodaddy


    i dont hack at all, i run my own bf2 server, stream to u and the other big one, i just installed game and it says that, i have no cheats on my pc or any thing, AA and bf2 both run perfectly, look at my stats on both them games they suck. and iv had this forum account for a while since im a streaming bf2 admin. i have a performance edition of xp pro corp but that should not cuase this error. but if u ban for a 131133 then u are banning ppl that use ts overlay and what not. I DONT HACK, i just formated my pc cos i though it could be a trojan/keylogger that was hooking my game or something. i hav
  12. yodaddy


    okay well i dont know y im getting this, all i have on my pc, is: bf2, Americas army, Teamspeak, Xfire, steam, COD2, netframework 1.1 and the service pack, bf2cc, thats all. i though i had virus last night so i foramted my HD and reinstalled windows, installed all aps and what not, and i still get this error, 131133. i dont have any overlays, no media player. i have a fx-55, 2gb of ram and rate now im using my old video card which is a 7900gs, i have windows xp profesional. and i have my sound, video, network, amd64 bit cpu drivers as well installed. iv tryed turning xife of and ts of
  13. well i just got a new TWL/Cal match server and its alreaddy streaming but not to me, i am the real owner, :P if u want a ss of my server company home page that shows my server id be glad. does not show it steaming when u type ip into the box but when i click add server in the account control it wont let me says, Server is already streaming the ip of it:
  14. thanks much appreciated. i will look how to change my profile. Edit: okay i changed it thanks for the help
  15. no i left that clan and started my own, sry can u make me my own account? New clan name is Task Force Rangers clan tag =TFR= and im the main leader/owner of the new team im part of. just bought server today
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