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  1. TheMr

    Updates to recording methods?

    What is it? The games are developing quicker with new technology then the technology that is being used by Evenbalance? Has anyone ever done a interview with this seceretive bunch of hacker chasers? Asking how they do there detections and so on? Just curious that's all.
  2. TheMr

    Medal of Honor Multiplayer Update 2

    No added fix for workable EvenBalance Screenshots. I don't know why EA pay evenbalance anything? Or do they and it's just one of those 0 cent contracts.
  3. TheMr

    PB screenshots work in MOH 2010?

    Thanks for your reply HS, I stepped down as Admin, better spent playing the game and getting whacked by hackers then play a game and worry more.
  4. TheMr

    PB screenshots work in MOH 2010?

    Will it ever be told to GA's or pbbans when this will be come active, EB Glen sounds positive it will.
  5. TheMr

    MoH Limited Edition

    This is the one I got but I got serious problems with the menu system, someone said it was a flash interface. A) Can't save your data at login B) Can't Weapons Customize C) Can't add clan tag or use it D) Can't save Anyone have a clue what Flash program is used and can you autoupdate that kind of thing. I use Crossfire 5850's and updated all video drivers and DX drivers, but I am seriously not sure what to do next. I also have done a re-install and still no joy.
  6. TheMr

    Banned a HAcker

    Once the hacker was banned, his score was outraegous and many people were complaining, the server then was clean out fo all players, so is there a bug out there or something they can do this? RCON hacks used to be the thing in Battlefield 2. I am just logging this as a possible attack happened, I gotta research the logs a bit further. The person has a unique MBI persona, very few bans but on different IP addresses, yes can't place bans on IP evidence, but alot of the evidence was more like what was happening on the server. Anyhow anyone with similar issues greatly appreciated.
  7. TheMr

    PB screenshots work in MOH 2010?

    If you want to be rude in your reply Fine, I did read what he said my question was rushed but how can you define if it is dx9 or later, does pbbans bot do that? I will play with it, to see if I get a outcome, but was this screenshot what May said or was this a later version of dx? Is there any way to tell?
  8. TheMr

    PB screenshots work in MOH 2010?

    http://www.pbbans.com/mbi-viewban-d10cd9fa-vb193435.html SO first succesful Screenshot or? They work sometimes and not all the time?
  9. TheMr

    PB screenshots work in MOH 2010?

    The requested page could not be found
  10. TheMr

    PB screenshots work in MOH 2010?

    Was Battlerecorder actually going to happen for game? I Understand they never included killcam.
  11. Was just curious if anyone got PB Screenshots working in MOH 2010?
  12. TheMr

    Qusetions for the Admins

    It's actually quite funny complaing to non pbbans admins, they don't want to have anything to do with pbbans. Makes you wonder why they ask you for your ban list. From now on no ban list to anyone who is not in pbbans.
  13. TheMr

    Please add admin account

    What is the limitation on how many accounts you can have for Team Account?
  14. TheMr

    Alias info

    So do you reban these people if you see they get a new guid and avoid there pbbans? and Punksbusted bans? What are your thoughts on this? Technically speaking if someone was hacking in September 29th and they are back on your server on 15th, banned by evenbalance now they have avoided the ban, I would not want them back on. I am posing this question only on your experience. After using this tool it seems that we have certain Asian region players that have been banned by pbbans and punksbusted and evenbalance avoiding there bans and playing back on our server. Now the question is what to do with them?
  15. TheMr

    Server Move Complete

    Excellent Maydax can Pbbans follow suit and have contributor added to the members who have contributed? I think you have a great project here, I am annoyed at Punkbusted after donated getting ignored, this is just suggesting something that does not mean much or level of power given to the user, just recognition for there efforts in donating. You would get a Tripple Gold Star Rating in my books, you have all the +++ for a fine business, good communication, pleasant to talk to, always answer questions so different to punkbusted. Just a idea bro.

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