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  1. everyone here are volunteers, they will answer when they see it.
  2. here or at evenbalance?
  3. He was kicked from a server by punkbuster. this is pbbans. pbbans is an optional service game admins can use. if the server does not use pbbans, the player will not be banned here, and will not show in the list.
  4. so its a ban based on a name that was banned nearly 9years ago? no linked ips or stats etc to the steam account? and to think I moan at some of my members for bans on flimsy evidence.
  5. you want help from an anticheat community to remove a ban you received using pirated software? i cant help but feel you are depriving a village somewhere.
  6. *snip* is that the bf3 emulator to run pirated copies? also used by several cheat sites as a way around bans?
  7. had emails from i3d and multiplay with offers for renting.
  8. cross game ban is an admin choice. bf3 and 4 use the same GUID. what we find is players hacked bf3, and then tried to start on bf4, so we stop the joining our servers. this is not a bf4 ban, it is an admin choice not to have someone with a ban from another game playing.
  9. having the same problem, crashed on me last night. got stuck in a loop with an error message saying not responding, clicking ok didnt work. has been an recent java update, not sure if thats whats caused it.
  10. depends on which game. some download as one file and install. some, such as payday2, download and patch as they go. gives a start and stop to download speeds. the giveaway is the disc status icon at top of steam download page, green for idle, red for busy.
  11. hmm, so designer from battlefield left dice and joined overkill. helped create payday 2. now ea release a game that sounds a lot like payday 2.
  12. Mayjay, there is one fact you are either not aware off, or chose to ignore. this ban list is voluntary, if you can join other servers that do not stream, then do so. all of us here PAY, yes thats right PAY, for our servers so we can play games the way we want to, with people we want to. it is our choice who plays, and if we have decided that someone running ce isnt allowed to play on OUR servers, then they dont play. I for one ban players from bf4 who have been banned in bf3 and moh:wf, and if a ban shows from an earlier game, i ban them as well. once a cheater, always a cheater.
  13. Sorry, this is a blatant plug. on the 5th of october im taking a group of 10 11-16year olds on a 31km trek to raise money for our local childrens cancer unit. the group is part of the 1st bedhampton boys brigade, and one of our members (and my son) is currently being treated for a rare and aggressive leukemia at the Piam Brown Childrens cancer unit in southampton. southampton is one of only 12 children cancer units in the uk, and they deal with all children along the south coast, including the channel islands. money raised goes towards giving the kids going through hell for a chance of
  14. we have no choice, my youngest is currently being treated for leukemia, and we need to have it in case he catches the flu and it turns into something nasty when he is neutropenic.
  15. 2nd screen shot states linked bans/guids pbbans. dynamic ip, and looks like the usual someone cant read the mpi list.
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