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  1. BENZE550

    Pbbans User Survey

    Nope, nothing needs changing.. you guys do a stellar job... keep it up1!!!
  2. BENZE550

    Welcome Back .. Take 2

    WELCOME BACK..take 2! WOOOOT!!!!!!!!
  3. Hi guys, I have a question. About a month ago I assisted a small clan in streamin their servers, +CUBA+ but I am now, and still with my original clan, =ESU= and although I have amended my personal info and Hummer (my partner) already added me as an admin, my info still shows team +CUBA+. Now that their servers are no longer running, I cannot access the master player list because it says I'm no longer a streaming admin. I am no longer affiliated with +CUBA+. How can my info be changed to reflect my current activity in =ESU=? Please help. I am with =ESU=, Elite Soldiers United. www.esugaming.com. My partner is Hummer. Thank you.
  4. BENZE550

    What do you think of PBBans.com?

    Great site, very professional, very useful, thank you.

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