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  1. What commands do i use and where do i put them in for bad company 2 once i get approved, thx
  2. Our server was streaming before our providers hard drive crashed....Now it says inactive...I hit activate but its still not streaming, thx.... The ip is port 16567
  3. juskidn

    Forced Registrtion on website from clan

    Thx very much....At least now i know if our site has problems we can count on you guys to help us get through it, thx again...On a side note: but when you run a 24/7 ground map all you will get is hackers.... So i am glad we dont
  4. juskidn

    Forced Registrtion on website from clan

    SO just asking i can force registration? correct? Because we gave yall access, just asking, thx
  5. juskidn

    Forced Registrtion on website from clan

    ok so i guess its not against rules to force me to register? Correct?
  6. Hi i recently was trying to look at a website that streams to pbbans but i could not get into it because they forced me to register first....I thought this was against the rules as i just wanted to read there general forums... just asking, thx.....The clan name is =box= and the ip is and thx
  7. hey you got this on

  8. Hi we have been streaming for years with you guys but now it says we are inactive....What can we do to get this back to streaming? thx for your time.....Our clan name is killer b ....Our ips are and thx again... Keith
  9. Our website has been redesigned to meet your standard requirements.....I hope all is well now...
  10. juskidn

    a pm i received

    Hi i read the pm....I am more than willing to do what you ask....I want to take this a little farther because i know the person who complained...We are one of the few clans that really take cheaters serious and or stat padders...I am 48 years old and the person who complained is a 20 year old who would not follow rules...His name is [email protected] and we had warned him over and over to follow our server rules...We have a air rule on our servers to try and balance the game so everyone can have fun...We require that if you have a 5 to 1 kill death ratio you must hit the ground for 2 rounds so it keeps the server running and everyone has a chance....We run 2 servers and they are always populated because we do a great job trying to get rid of players who wont follow rules like this person....We had to finally ban him from our server #4 and then we let him continue to play on our server #1 to prove himself but once again he broke the rules.....I thank you for at least hearing me out...I will still do as you ask but i can assure you i bust my butt to run a great server and we have very mature clan members...thx and feel free to jump on our ventrilo anytime and you will see we do a great job...thx again
  11. juskidn

    a pm i received

    Ok thx for the fast response....
  12. Hi i just received a pm from you guys saying that our website does not meet your requirements....I am not sure what is wrong so if you would be soo kind to explain i would gladly change whatever is wrong...We have never had any problems with you guys and i also donated to show support for what you guys do...Below is the pm i received: Your website ( From: Lucky_Fr4gg3r ) Hello. It has come to our attention that your team's website does not meet our website requirements listed here. I quote: This information needs to be publicly accessible without being forced to register. Thx very much...
  13. Hi i am the server owner of 3 servers which stream to PB Bans...We recently removed the guy who was the so called master of our group....Now a month later neither me nor the other members can access the live hubs...My user name is juskidn and our clan tag is =KB= which stands for "killer b" ... How can i now become the master user so we can get back to seeing our hubs....Our hubs are still streaming because i checked the ip's but i cannot access them....Our ip's are, and thx...
  14. hi can someone please tell me how this works so i can get it working on our server, thx

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