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  1. Ski

    Streaming issue

    When you setup your server you entered the SERVER port of 8777. The RCON port for AAPG is 7778. That is what needed to be entered in order for streaming to work. I updated your server and your now streaming. Thanks, Ski
  2. Ski

    Call of Duty Ghosts

    Why? There are no dedicated servers for clans to rent. With the "match making" system this game is not clan friendly at all. Ok ok, sorry to get negative. :) Will check it out.
  3. Ski

    Call of Duty Ghosts

    Can not believe he dangled the ol "Mod Tools" carrot in front of everyone's face. It will NEVER HAPPEN, when will people realize that. And they will think about real ranked dedicated servers someone can rent "after launch", what a joke. They really do not care at all about PC community or "clans" any longer. Ski
  4. Ski

    Call of Duty Ghosts

    The way this reads to me is the developer will have dedicate servers for MP game play instead of "listening servers". It does not read like these are "dedicated server" that my clan can rent for this game. Ski
  5. Ski

    Call of Duty Ghosts

    That video made we want the game even less. Just more of the same.
  6. Nevermind... forgot the pbucon.use file. All better now. DOH!
  7. I just found out I have the same issue on my clan server as well. COD4: Ski

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