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  1. Your server is not streaming. Is 25200 the right port? Otherwise read these instructions: https://www.pbbans.com/info-center-hubguide.html&lang=de Check the pbsv.cfg file.
  2. My best wishes to this fine community, hopefully 2021 will be better for us all. Stay save, stay strong!!!
  3. Hi, I removed the link to youtube. No blame and shame on the forum.
  4. Buff


    Known him for many years here at PBBans, a great server admin en dedicated staff member. He will be missed. Goodbye old friend. My condolences go out to his family and friends.
  5. I'm on it, send me a PM. First he needs a team account to stream.
  6. Here are the server protected bu our services. https://www.pbbans.com/msi-server-list-cod4-27.html
  7. Still in shock by this sad news. Sabret was a great person and a well respected staffmember/community admin. She will be missed :(
  8. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone!
  9. You are missing the pbsv.cfg file in that folder. Go here: https://www.pbbans.com/mci-view-aapg-pbsv-43.html Download it on the top, can you transfer the file to that folder? Otherwise you have to ask your server provider to place a pbsv.cfg file.
  10. Paste it into the pbsv.cfg file, restart server.
  11. This is what there should be in the pbsv.cfg ; ******************************************* ; PBBans.com PBSV Config ; Battlefield 4 ; Last Updated Dec 22nd 2014 ; ******************************************* ; ------------------------------ ; General Settings ; ------------------------------ pb_sv_MsgPrefix "PunkBuster Server" pb_sv_MaxDlRate 4 //[KB/sec requested per file (default=4)] pb_sv_MaxConDls 6 //[Concurrent downloads (default=1)] pb_sv_MaxSendRate 8 // [speed at which PB Server sends pbcl and pbag updates in KBps (default=8)] pb_sv_CQC 1 //[0=No, 1=Yes
  12. I have added the right server IP + port to your account, but still no streaming. *************************************************************** Team: REG (REG) Account ID: 16318 Streaming Status: Not Streaming (0 / 2) *************************************************************** --------------------------------------------------------------- Server List --------------------------------------------------------------- BF4 - -> right adress BF4 - -> wrong adress Try automated streaming setup. https://www.pbbans.co
  13. The server IP is not correct. *************************************************************** Team: REG (REG) Account ID: 16318 Streaming Status: Not Streaming (0 / 1) *************************************************************** --------------------------------------------------------------- Server List --------------------------------------------------------------- BF4 - Port 47200 is the rcon port and not the game port. Can you check it?
  14. There's no server attached to your account. You lost streaming and forum account changes back to normal. *************************************************************** Team: REG (REG) Account ID: 16318 Streaming Status: Not Streaming (0 / 0) *************************************************************** --------------------------------------------------------------- Server List --------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------- User List ----------------------------------------------
  15. Use this tool: https://www.pbbans.com/mpi/master-player-index.html
  16. First you have to create a team account to get your server streaming: https://www.pbbans.com/streaming-application.html After approval will be able to use our tools/services.
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