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  1. WaR('@') El Pato

    2 emails from [email protected]

    My heart jumped a little when I got the Closure email. Quickly got on the forums and nothing.
  2. WaR('@') El Pato

    Server Not Streaming Since Hub Went Down

    Maybe you didn't read it but My Server Is Streaming Now. :rolleyes: I will add the suggestions. Again, thanks for the help. ;)
  3. WaR('@') El Pato

    Server Not Streaming Since Hub Went Down

    This ----> http://www.pastie.org/366950 <---- is my pbsv.cfg file. Where EXACTLY should I add those commands and how should it read? Thanks for your HELP, I genuinely appreciate it.
  4. WaR('@') El Pato

    Server Not Streaming Since Hub Went Down

    I had my Server Host update the PunkBuster since the only version that is avail to me was (v1.251 | A1365 C1.227). The server is streaming again but I am going to have to keep a close eye on the situation. This ----> http://www.pastie.org/366240 <---- was the contents of the pbucon.use file. Should I delete the contents?
  5. WaR('@') El Pato

    Server Not Streaming Since Hub Went Down

    Is the pbucon.use supposed to be COMPLETELY EMPTY? Also, what is the latest Punkbuster version? Thanks!
  6. WaR('@') El Pato

    Server Not Streaming Since Hub Went Down

    OK... I am about ready to kill someone. I re-install today and get the server streaming again and now it has stopped again. !_$I_([email protected])*!)U~)(U$)U)!!! WTF? Can someone PLEASE help me get this figured out?
  7. WaR('@') El Pato

    Server Not Streaming Since Hub Went Down

    None of that helped. In the end I had to re-install the server to get it to stream again. Can you please update me back to SGA? Thanks!
  8. OK.. I am REALLY frustrated here! Ever since the PBBANS hub went down, my server has stopped streaming. Even though the hub is now back online, my server is STILL NOT STREAMING. I log into my account today and notice that it does not say Streaming Game Admin...wtf? Look at my account and my server is ORANGE...wtf? Because the hub was down, my server is deactivated? Not cool. I click on the re-activate button and wait... still nothing. Initiate Automated Hub Streaming (no problems) ....still not streaming. Manually configure using 2142CC.....still not streaming. Update Punkbuster on the server.....still not streaming. Restart the server ......still not streaming. Talk to Duality on IRC.....you guessed it...still not streaming. This is my pbsv.cfg -----> http://www.pastie.org/365271 <--------file that duality looked at and said was fine. HELP! Damn Stupid Hub for going down!!!!
  9. WaR('@') El Pato

    Hub Downtime

    Like most of the clan Leaders/Owners/Founders, PBBANS is all voluntary. Most of the PBBANS staff have their own clans or are part of a clan too so on top of running their clans, they contribute their time and energy to keeping hacking scum at bay. If you want to support their efforts 100% then you can have a say about how or where they spend what money comes their way. Just like you don't want your clan telling you how to run things, please give PBBANS the same respect. If you really want to show them your support, subscribe to their services. 1 time donations are nice, but in my clan, I prefer the subscriber. I like to know that each month I will be getting a steady flow of $$. If you can do it, please start a simple $5 or $10 a month donation. PBBANS has my support, financially as well.
  10. WaR('@') El Pato

    Welcome Back .. Take 2

    Thanks for your quick help in getting us streaming again. :D Look for a donation from the warpigsclan.com :D
  11. WaR('@') El Pato

    Welcome Back .. Take 2

    Can someone help me restart the streaming to your servers?? ? Please. I am unsure how to get them restarted and I had help last time too. :huh: Thanks!
  12. Hub Game: Battlefield 2142 Clantag: WaR('@') IP:
  13. Greetings! Tags: WaR('@') Website: www.warpigsclan.com Battlefield 2142 IP Address: Thnx much.

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