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  1. DeckardSp

    Usersettings kicks

    Yeah, after several matches in different servers, i will have an answer. Btw, tell me if i am wrong or not. Is
  2. DeckardSp

    Usersettings kicks

    Thanks for your answer. I think i have fixed it: When i tried to execute bf2142 clan mod as administrator i got an error message (="cant find bf2142.exe"). I said "oh somethings wrong over here". I installed in this order: bf2142+patch 1.50 full+clan mod 3.0+clan mod 3.02. Then a teammate told me he was able to execute clan mod as administrator and told he installed clan mod 3.02 FULL (not 3.0+3.02). So i desinstalled clan mod and installed 3.02 Full. Now, when i look at clanmod shortcut properties i realize the destine has changed (before ended with clanmod.bat and now with clanmod.exe) and i am able to execute as administrator. Besides, now i have a folder call "Launcher" that i hadnt before So the fact is i still got to check if i have fixed the kicks, but now i have my usersetings file (i repeat, before, i coulnd find usersettings file in its place , C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Battlefield 2142 Deluxe Edition\mods\clanmod\settings): simply, that file no existed in clanmod, only at bf2142).
  3. DeckardSp

    Usersettings kicks

    Hi. When entering some servers i got punkbuster kicks for "usersettings...len=272" (something like that). I got that kicks even after reinstalling bf2142 complete game and clan mod. When i try to check usersettings folder integrity (by comparing my folder to the same of a clan teammate) i even cant find that folder (when i do that i enter a server, close the game and check). I have tried to copy&paste usersettings folder in its place (from a friend again) and was useless. I have the bf2142 "deluxe edition" and i run vista 32 bits. Any idea? Does anyone has the same problem?
  4. DeckardSp

    Why my pbguid has changed?!?!?

    Well, at least i am not the only one with the same problem... P.S.: Spartan loler <_<
  5. Hi. A few days ago i noticed that my pbguid changed despite the fact that i

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