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  1. I just read vermillion got his ticket responsed. It is indeed a hack. There are no false positives that could possibly trigger a PB kick getting that violation code. Keep this in mind for further reference.
  2. They do response to this, although it is not an inmediate response; I've submitted this kind of tickets myself before, having many, but not all of them replied. One of them was about this very same issue, which I sent about a year ago. EB answer was that this violation code was a hack. I've spoken with Vermillion about this issue, since we're working as staffs at the same website (though in different areas, he's currently the senior anti-cheat staff for CoD @ One.cl and I'm currently a major administrator) and having seen so many cheaters before (I also worked in Vermillion's current possi
  3. Payday is coming, the Public Health Service here in Chile has been a bit lazy on payments... As soon as I've got my paycheck, a part of it is going to you guys. Thanks a lot for the effort made to keep our servers cheat-free.
  4. Hi. We're currently having a lot of trouble on our servers. Certain cheaters have skipped the IP and GUID bans (since in our country IPs are dynamic and most of our servers are cracked so people can easily skip GUID bans just by using a KeyGenerator). I was wondering if there's any way to manually apply a hardware ban to this people in order to prevent their access to our servers. Thanks in advance, Doc Call Of Duty Senior server administrator @ One.cl servers.
  5. [One.cl] Publico S&D, Call Of Duty 1.5b mounted on Linux IP is Our website is www.one.cl/foro
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