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  1. ah ok. ty for your help, sir
  2. sure [TFA] Recruiting @
  3. i made an application for server streaming in the past and was denied back then for local hosting. i was asked to set-up a sof-division for my new clan, but due to that denial, i cant get an admin account for our clan-server Is it possible, you can review my new application. i would be thankfull regards cj
  4. crazycj

    got one

    ok, i understand. i'll be waiting till i got server up and streaming tx for reply cj
  5. crazycj

    got one

    got one by auto-pbss, but cuz I host server local till payment has been complete for server-rental, server aint streaming. so if possible, could someone add this hacker also got 2 trough logfiles sv_cheat.log
  6. crazycj

    Permanently bann?

    Although it aint exactly legal :huh: ..U can try to use admin edit: we do not condone illegal stuff here :D
  7. crazycj


    I got some old PBSS when I was admin of {S!C}. Only prob was that our server wasn't streamed and before we could stream it..the clan passed out. But maybe U guys could still add these haxors to ya banlist ;) **admin edit** All bans that make it onto the PBBans MBI must be backed up by streamed log information. This totally eliminates the "I was framed whine" Because there is absolutely no streamed evidence to back up these screenshots they have been removed.

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