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  1. Ya entro uno de los servers. Han reiniciado el server y la entrada es ok!. Faltaria por decirles a los de CYBERGAMES #1 -
  2. In the server has reseted and ok. I can play!. How can i to say reset the another server?. Thanks, SoMbRaX
  3. Perdon corrijo el texto anterior: En el server NO FIGURO en sus litas de bans. Aparte tambi
  4. Hi: I write you from a problem with a banned released for me. Im from a spanish clan "xDay". Mi nick is "SoMbRaX". I continue banned from any server. pbbans.com unbanned me from your servers at last 3 or more days ago. But the problem repeat again without errors yet! I was playing any days already and 2 servers ( and are banned me! I spoke with a admin in the second server and I haven`t any ban. The first server is the machine with the originall problem reported here! and i continue banned without errors. is there any problem with the "hub" in thats servers? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Original problem: Ban Info Game RTCW:Enemy Territory Date Caught 3 hours, 20 mins ago GUID .........................b4 IP Address x.x.x.x Alias xDay|SoMbRaX Violation VIOLATION (MD5TOOL) #9002 Extra Info MD5Tool Mismatch: DEBUG.txt (len=16) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I reinstall all the program (ET 2.60b - ETPro 3.2.6 - PB Update 3.0 Win - ETKey). I continue banned?. Is there any problema with the first server yet?. Please help me! Thanks!

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