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  1. TCTScreamingGhost

    New SOF 2 games

    Thanks guys for all your help. It was great that I had fast replies to my post. Though I am not a PB Admin for my clan I do stream to PB and I plan on doing so as long as PB supports the game. I will take your advice and let my clan know what your suggestions are. Thank you again for your support!!!
  2. TCTScreamingGhost

    New SOF 2 games

    I am not the PB Admin of my clan. I am one of the founders. But yes we are streaming live to PBbans.
  3. TCTScreamingGhost

    New SOF 2 games

    I have had several of my clan members buy new SOF2 games because their old games either got lost or they were to damaged to load the game anymore. The problem is that the new games they are buying from the store are getting the banned from my server. We are a clan who hate cheaters and spend a lot of time making sure our server is clean. What can we do for our clan members who get banned because they bought a new game and it is linked to a bad key or what ever is happening here. PLEASE HELP ME. Let me know if you need any more information from me to help me with my problem and I will get one of my PB Admins to supply you with this information. Thank you for helping us keep our server clean!!!!!!

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