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  1. bloodsport

    heartbeats stopped after latest update?

    RoadWarrior, Thanks for the above infor I will have to complain to the cafe staff cause I game at cafe's only or at least right now I do, again thx! ;)
  2. bloodsport

    heartbeats stopped after latest update?

    Thanks fosser, By the way hows Avenger doing? :lol:
  3. bloodsport

    heartbeats stopped after latest update?

    I got this message: heartbeat.exe after I killed an opponent. Whats the above mean?
  4. bloodsport

    xfire or fraps?

    Well that was pretty fast relying, by you staff, thanks! I'am as you know new here I'am also not familar with some of the terms you guys use like MBL and others on top of this site. Maybe I will learn somthing. thanks for the input!
  5. bloodsport

    xfire or fraps?

    hello RoadWarrior, Does that mean pbbans staff don't except videos of cheaters as poof they have cheated? and if so why not?

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