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  1. yeah does dude

  2. Wow Im sure this is not correct 40 on the same Ip never knew there was so many ports out there. Any way if I am reading this right you had a problem on one of you servers that caused a blanket effect by banning the Ip alone and not the naught port that was involve? I think the idea is to ban the Ip as once some one is found out they can simply use another port till caught again. hence the ip ban. On a personal note I would never use the same IP on our server more than twice and even that would be a last resort.
  3. Yes this is in hand we just need to decide who will be added my good friend 2wisted
  4. Thank you for the reply I use IE and fire fox, may be they just conflict with each other.
  5. He gets drunk too often.

  6. Hi I seem to have to log back in after every post I make or view, is this a security measure in place? I have deleted cookies etc etc and I have "remember me ticked". any help would be appropriate. could this be because I have been added to another user group may be?
  7. imanutter


    It is funny but players can be confused between gaming communities, clans and may be guilds. However I do assume the gentleman is requesting to join the web site rather than the community ;)
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