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  1. V0DUN


    Thank You fozzer :D all three server are back on line and streeming. my next question is when you said, as a "quick fix" dose this mean it will lose it's stremming again? as what you had me do is only a temp fix or somthing? or is it now fixed and should not stop out of the blue again? Once again THANK YOU!!
  2. V0DUN


    all three of my Call Of Duty 4 servers are not streeming? Call of Duty 4 Call of Duty 4 Call of Duty 4 is this due to the change or can someone help getting them going.
  3. Thank You Iceman, it worked and all fixed bro ;)
  4. I'm requesting help with getting my servers active with Hub, here are my ips.. Thank you for your support and help ;)
  5. V0DUN

    Fix PunkBuster Evenbalance!

    fix it plz ;)
  6. Seems when I tried to use auto setup for my COD4 server it did not work? I got an error that said: Q3 Remote Console Driver: Unable to execute : "pb_sv_ver" ! Server ip: port 28960 help please :rolleyes: Thank You V00D00
  7. V0DUN

    GUID How are they generated?

    admin edit; Post this in a private forum section if you want feedback, not one thats viewable to the public & google. reference your "caught guid" - try clicking it on the MPI.

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