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  1. dP:Centrifuge!

    Latest Bans List

    I noticed that the last ban|catch on the 'Enemy Territory Master Ban Index - Latest Bans' list is from April 30th of 2009. Why is that?
  2. dP:Centrifuge!

    Invalid GUID's

    Alright then sir..fair enough. Thanks for your time once again.
  3. dP:Centrifuge!

    Invalid GUID's

    I mentioned that my problem is solved. My question is WHY is this happening now and why so often and to so many people ?
  4. dP:Centrifuge!

    Invalid GUID's

    INVALID GUID ! With my problem now solved, it's a problem that has never happened to me in all my years of playing ET and, on top of that, it seems to be spreading. Just today while playing (for the first time in almost a week) I noticed 3 people in less than 10 minutes being kicked for invalid GUID's infractions. The same problem I had. I have never seen anything like this. Reaction from Server Admins who were present (whom I trust greatly !!) commented on this situation saying that, yes, this has been an ongoing problem however, no one seems to be able to nail down WHY this is taking place and doing so so often. What's the cause of this suddenly happening to so many people ? Why Now? This is becoming quite a deal with many people. They are scratching their heads so, I came to you guys in hopes that you could clear things up in some respect. As much detailed info on this matter that can reasonably be defined would mean a lot to me. Thanks For Your Time, -dP:Centrifuge!
  5. dP:Centrifuge!

    IP Spoofing= How Do I Stop It?

    My IP WAS spoofed. Me and a friend dug in and found out what was going on so, :lol: back at ya! Ye of little faith.
  6. dP:Centrifuge!

    IP Spoofing= How Do I Stop It?

    What device or setup will stop people from tapping into my IP? Can my IP # be extracted from signing up @ various clans home page (forums) and be used that way as well? I have noticed that some forums actually display your IP address in public. Others allow admins to know what your IP # is and I am just wondering if this should be a concern. Reason being is that under a profile I use to test BASIC CVARS, that profile was popping up on 'gametracker' and, along with the servers I actually DO visit there were various servers/games I have never seen (nor played) popping up beside my name. WTF???? What are your views on this situation and what precautions can I take to avoid this matter? I see this act as a cyber-crime because my IP has NOTHING to do with the outside world unless you are doing bad things to get your IP # banned but, beyond that, an IP address is private property being paid for by ME and anyone tapping into that is no better that a cyber crook and deserves to be put in jail. It's STEALING! PS: My profile name used was 'Benny Lava' and not dP:Centrifuge! Thanks, -dP:Centrifuge!
  7. dP:Centrifuge!

    Fix PunkBuster Evenbalance!

    I've seen this going on for some time now... no word yet? ANYTHING? Hmmmmmm.
  8. dP:Centrifuge!

    Location Tracker c/o 50 Latest Bans List

    Yeah, ok that's it exactly. Good to go now guys. Thanks. :)
  9. dP:Centrifuge!

    Location Tracker c/o 50 Latest Bans List

    Hmmmm it was M.I.A. (for me anyway) this morning. Never mind guys..sorry and thanks
  10. Where did that device get off to? I actually liked that feature.Thanks for your time guys.
  11. dP:Centrifuge!


    Belated thanks ;) . I emailed the info. Now the ball is in their court now.
  12. dP:Centrifuge!


    This message on a server I found ALWAYS pops up. I like the way the server plays except for the fact that after each map you get booted and this message pops up: CL_ParseServerMessage:Illegible server message 95, (131,etc and so on) It's a Jaymod server 2.1.7. I play there after work to blow off steam and it's fun for me . What's the meaning of that message? What advice can you give me to pass along to these guys so they can fix the problem? EVERYONE gets kicked after map change :blink: :blink: Thanks for your time .
  13. dP:Centrifuge!


    Will change that as soon as I get to the house :) THANKS!
  14. dP:Centrifuge!


    I opened my console to update my PB. Alright, np. Then I typed in /cvarlist and under /cg_selectedplayersname " " there was another players name in that space. Should I be seeing my name and not some other guys name? Is this normal? I ventured off to research this item (here) http://www.rtcw.jolt.co.uk/content/enemy_t...ry/cmdcvarlist/ ...and, this came up > cg_selectedPlayerName ETMain Client Select a player? Presumably with /cg_selectedplayername Question: IS THIS NORMAL TO SEE ANOTHER PLAYERS NAME IN THAT SPACE? What's that all about. Thanks for your time guys.
  15. dP:Centrifuge!

    Md5 Tool Mismatches

    Thanks for clearing that up. I had a feeling that somehow the 2.55/2.60/2.60b etc had something to do with it. Great info=====SAVED!

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