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  1. so it's seem 's normal ? ok thx for your explain have fun night <_<
  2. hello well i recently check my name on the pbban mbi user and i'm surprise to see that my name was associat at 7 cd key. i used 3 cdkey max : mine and sometime one of my soons and sometime one of my borther. So why there is 7 cd key (guid) with my name ???????? can someone or admin check that, and give me the ip or something (another name user) who use my name ?? I think there is a probleme somewhere (hack name spoofing or womething...) need i change my password for my name ? and how if it's possible Thank for your help. (id bf2 is same as my login here)
  3. yes it cause before i install ppban we were not kicked from our own server ! and we can't remove the ASCII characters cause it's part of our tag. ==>
  4. hello i install all ppban since this afternoon the server is on and streamming graet tuto, great job BUT... all our clan is kick for 5 minutes cause our tag :==>
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