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  1. +SoF13Cent

    Streaming missed

    A player on my server (Wolf ET was caught by PB: [09.24.2009 14:16:51] VIOLATION (AIMBOT) #50051: ^1[R] ^1<#.^4Death^0man^1.#> ^& (slot #1) Violation (AIMBOT) #50051 [be0ec467b20b5774aefde51edbd977ea(VALID:12)] We are a streaming server and I am wondering why PBbans didn't pick it up?
  2. +SoF13Cent

    Account manager GUID

    My GUID has not been verified and the one I listed is old and has changed since I set the account up. When I go to add my current GUID it said that I need permission to change my account GUID. I don't know who to ask, so I am asking here. Maybe someone can help me. Keep up the good work PBBANS. Thanks for all your hard work.
  3. +SoF13Cent

    Thanks to PBBANS

    2 days?, Nah never too late I mean look at this I have been streaming for about four months and I finally got off my butt and let you all know that you are appreciated. I bet you get sick and tired of all the complaints and the but, but, my sister downloaded it.
  4. +SoF13Cent

    Thanks to PBBANS

    I would like to take the time to Thank the entire staff at PBBANS. You all are great people and have made great advancements in the gaming world. Y'all work very hard and spend an enormus amout of energy to keep up with hackers and cheaters. THANKS, Steve (+SoF|13Cent)

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