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  1. Hi, Are macros considered a cheat? We have a player suspecting of using some sort of macros but we are unsure how an anti-cheating service views this. Cheers
  2. is this is the new ghost recon? I didn't know they are doing something positive with the multiplayer
  3. I just hope the maps don't have strong choke points. Its a killer in BC2. Specially vietnam conquest.
  4. wait am I hearing this right. There are some folks out there not getting the game because PB is implemented?? Do these people even know you can disable PB if you choose to and stick with VAC only?? thread is full of LULZ! :D We will be running both, both are effective in various ways. The more the merrier.
  5. a developer and game worth looking into! Its been a longtime coming.
  6. We just recently switched from ventrilo to Ts3. I know Ts3 is very popular but we heard that ts3 overlay may be detected by PB. Is this true? Any recommendations? Thanks
  7. Darn, we just recently moved to a new provider a month ago. Since we have a strong presence in bf2/2142 we couldn't go with LPGS at the time. But now they just recently got the ranked certification makes me wish we had stay with our previous provider just a little while longer before moving :( LPGS is the best out there today. I had servers from them temporarily and it was the best experience ever. The day we move our dedicated servers, for whatever reason, to a new provider, LPGS will be our final home :)
  8. this is definitely good news, I hope they do well in sales. We need more of this for the PC community. Heroes of Stalingrad is another that will be excellent for the PC community. From what I am reading first person view-ability will be available. Thats something I've personally been waiting to see. I am not sure why ranked is very popular among main stream developers. In my opinion it takes away the point of the game and very restrictive. Hopefully these two games will do well and encourage others to do the same and create some sort of trend here.
  9. thanks for taking the time to look at this one. It was a tricky one, and you made things much clearer. Byo, thanks for staying patient with us, your ban will be lifted. Cheers.
  10. we have spent enough time to figure the dates and they line up, you spent a good amount of time in sweden, Uk and US. You have many IPs from these 3 nations for what reason? If you were spoofed it would be 1/2/3 Ips most Not in the intervals that you got. Which looks like DSL. You must be on business or travelling. The images are not the only thing we look at we looked at the dates and the IPs. http://www.tbgclan.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=334&d=1296331056 http://www.tbgclan.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=335&d=1296331056 Again same tags as well *pM* brakskiten *p
  11. sorry for the interruption :P but I think LPGS was the best provider out there in such short amount of time! Means alot of hard work was put into it and it shows. I hope the people who are running it now take good care of it, like Andy did. cheers
  12. Thank you to duality for responding to one of my admin's PM. All sorted. Cheers.
  13. Hello, I just checked today that our COD 5 server IP is not streaming and says blacklisted? I think someone sent duality a PM but saw this forum section afterwards. Hopefully someone can help. We had that server streaming for a longtime now. Thank you.
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