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  1. hi our server has been streaming then all of a sudden 2 days ago it says pb hub deactivated and pb is not working for cod4 messages stopped workign and in the server browser next to our server name it shows pb is not active any help please? we have done nothign to the server pb just plain stopped working please help
  2. game-over

    colored names

    i know the codes i as a server owner want to make it so the server allows the color names and not all white
  3. game-over

    colored names

    ok how does oen go about makign it so you can have colored names in yoru server i cant find the settign to change anywhere
  4. game-over

    server settings

    somebody needs to come up with a comprhensive list of all the server cfg settings you cand change or add and a complete list of rcon commands that you can do thru the console if your a server admin
  5. game-over

    server browser

    yes i have lol they are all default and ive tried every combination of different filter settigns still the same
  6. game-over

    updating server to 1.6

    ok havign problems all the files were uploaded but server is still running 1.5 any site i can go to that has a tutorial or any help please thank you
  7. game-over

    updating server to 1.6

    ok how do you go about this updating the server to 1.6??? something in detail please nto just saying upload files to server cuz i knwo that lol thanks in advance
  8. game-over

    server browser

    im on dsl 6 mbps
  9. game-over

    server browser

    wow thnx for the reply absolutely no help at all good for you
  10. game-over

    server browser

    yeah lol right now i use xfire and it shows em all
  11. game-over

    server browser

    well ive read people saying wait until 1.6 comes out that will fix the server browser issue it doesnt ....for me anyways i dotn know what the freaking problem is it only queries about 2 - 4 thousand servers but only about 40 or 50 at max!!! show up what is the problem and how to fix it cuz my friend has all the same stuff installed including patches and he shows all 10 thousand + servers please help thank you
  12. game-over

    kicking for swearing or rascism?

    o i agree with you guys thats why i said to each his own but what really pissed me off is when i ran around the corner and soembody ran into me and shot me i typed "you scared the shit out of me lol" is exactly what i said and a freakin admin banned me wtf is up with that??
  13. game-over

    1.6 patch

    so where do we get it i been looking everywhere on nzone and nvidia's site and nothign comes up also where do you get the server files?
  14. game-over

    kicking for swearing or rascism?

    this is somethign i dont get "kick someone for swearing" IN a game that you have to be 18 to buy???? makes no sense to me but yah know to each his own i will never play in a server that kicks for swearing racism i can understand but not swearing especially since you got to be 18 to buy it and your able to blow people up and stuff lmao i just dont get it
  15. game-over

    removing a patch

    kool yeah i fixed it at any rate just copied my config_mp and mpdata file reinstalled the game put those two files back in the folder and reinstalled the patches to 1.5 p.s i have seen a few servers that is runnign 1.6 though

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