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  1. unsparky

    clan name change

    cheers and noted,didnt mind the wait lol
  2. unsparky

    clan name change

    ok heres the info account id 4190 old tags are <|DF|> DELTAFORCE) new tags are CFC,(back to old clan name CLAN CFC),everything else is done apart from changing the tags :)
  3. unsparky

    clan name change

    cheers m8 name changed,but still got old tags lol
  4. unsparky

    clan name change

    hi guys after some time off,we are now back on line and would like for our server to be streamed again(we have went back to our old tags again (CFC) CLAN CFC, our new server is streaming just now,but cant seem to find where to change our tags or my log in name,so was wondering if you could give the links,so i can change the info new player name is CFC SPARKY instead of <|DF|> SPARKY thanks
  5. unsparky

    clan name change

    thanks.unfortuantly we are working on the new web page just now,as old one was cfc.will add the forum when its up and running,
  6. unsparky

    clan name change

    hi since we opened the account with yourselfs,our old server provider was gamesmajor,untill they shut.we have moved to ycn hosting,and renamed the server deltaforce beginners xps.and changed the tags to <|DF|> but its still showing tags as cfc.even though our new server is streaming to pbbans,and my status hasnt changed to streaming game admin. could you plz check to see if ive set up the server information right.as it is saying that the server is streaming thanks <|DF|> SPARKY aka cfc sparky old server clan cfc new server DELTAFORCE BEGINNERS XPSAVE, old tags cfc new tags <|DF|> as i cant see where to change it lol
  7. unsparky


    thanks again,it has now been done,file have been uploaded,only question if a cheater comes on server,will they be banned automaticly,or do i need to do anything.
  8. unsparky


    hi hellrun,well since i ran the program,ive not had the problem back again,i dont know what exactly causes it,apart from a conflict of the new security on vista,affecting the new punk buster updates.i did numerous installs,sent ticket after ticket to punkbuster,and didnt get a reply(maybe as their server thought it was junk mail.). i know i got this problem due to doing a new install,and updating punk buster,my first problem was the punkbuster client:failed to etguidauth.evenbalance.com which got me comfused,and after i found ou thow to fix that,i sent information up to punk buster,as it happend on both p.cs (xp and vista).and when i got that sorted,this came about pbcl.dll_unloaded. touch wood.it seems to be running better now,and theres an extra 2 lines been added to allow pb updates through the sercurity on vista. and blackwolf thanks mate,i go those 2 files and applyed on the link on the home page,the way you explained it was easier.
  9. unsparky


    hi im cfc sparky of clan cfc on jaymod,now the reason noone can help you is because untill it happens to them,most havent got a clue,including punk buster. i like most out there had a problem with punk buster new updates ,which it took me 3 weeks to sort,and the way to do it is like this. 1/ download pbsvc and run it,let it run its tests. 2/ delete the pb folder,and restart your computer. 3/ reinstall punkbuster by the pbsetup,then reinstall it again. 4/rerun the pbsvc program,and then join a pb server,update will work within 5 minutes. if anyone gets in consol an error saying punkbuster client:failed to etguidauth.evenbalance.com,paste thse lines in as with the new pb updates,their is problems(regarding the sercurity i added these lines to windows/system32/etc/hosts and added pbguidauth.idsoftware.com for (windows vista),and etguidauth.evenbalance.com for (xp) for the pbsvc click here http://www.evenbalance.com/index.php?page=pbsvcfaq.php hope this helps everyone as it had me stuck for 3 weeks,firstly the punkbuster client:failed to etguidevenbalance.com,and then the pbcl.dll,ive posted this to evenbalance too,as they gave me the wrong information,after sending them (39 tickets lol).all i need now is to find out how to stream my server though yourselfs,that would be a great help and thank you to blackwolf for replying to me.
  10. unsparky


    well when i signed up,it explains if your server admin.and want to start streaming your server.i looked at what you had to do.which was mumble jumbo.to someone thats not did this,and after getting no reply to the first problem.thought what was thechances of getting a reply to fixing the server streaming,if i didnt get a reply about the first problem,makes sence eh. as server admin of my own server,if someone has a problem and has taken the time to post it on my forum,i answer them,first and formost,then try to help them.i dont expect anyone to turn round and say "It isn't our issue. Submit a support ticket to EvenBalance". but then again im a 35 year old man,and not a kid. :(
  11. unsparky


    lol i did about 36 times,thats why i thought you might have had a clue,but thought wrong eh,great help,same as the game server streaming,no use at all,how anyone can understand it is a result itself.
  12. unsparky


    lol ive posted numours tickets,and posted on your forum,on the 6th of june.and havent had a reply from admin,but someone gets banned from a server,and gets more than one reply.14 minutes later.whats the script.have i got to be banned from my server first.before someone answers
  13. unsparky


    lol ive posted to pb about 28 times with this problem,over the last 3 weeks,and still they havent replyed to any of the tickets.if they wont answer tickets,who else can help,im server admin of my own server.and ive had to take off pb,due to this problem,ive verified my guidkey etc etc,reinstalled pb and still this problem pbcl.dll_unloaded. if someone can tell me how to fix this,or tell me another way to get my server protected,as i have nothing on just now,i would be very greatfull.

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