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    Have been streaming our UO server here for a few years now...streaming to pbbans does not cause us anymore problems then what we used to have with just running punkbuster...Knowing for sure that the guy who just kicked your ass (in game) is most likely just good and not hacking is well worth the minor troubles you might see... Have your members check us out to see if they would have any problems... Dorf's War DM
  2. Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?
  3. Like the answer above everything seems like a connection problem or a problem from your location to the server...try running a trace route from your computer to the server... click on start click on run type in cmd then click ok when the black box pops-up type in tracert and then your server ip and hit enter.. this is windows xp trace not sure if it is different on vista or windows 7 From time to time i have connection problems and most of the time it is just waiting till someone down the line fixes the problem...
  4. looks like he was banned on another server streaming to PBBans and you have the Announce New Bans flag checked on your server set-up Should be banned from all servers streaming playing the game in which he was banned from
  5. 5 dollars for every hack you kicked off our servers so far.....6x5= 30 dollar donation....thanks for all the work you guys do.......................Dorf's WaR
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