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  1. RAMC

    new hack

    I uploaded the rar of this, this morning to EvenBalance ;)
  2. RAMC

    [TsP] Server

    Sweet, very full.
  3. RAMC

    Call of Duty WaW Beta

    Maydax please elaborate (I didnt get CoD4 due to how easy it was). I heard bugs here and there about servers not showing up in the list or whatever. Please explain about that problem in CoD4, and how its affecting CoD5. :P Also.. I agree with walking through mud. I love UO so much (and alot do Im sure, because of this), as its so so fast. You can run and jump (hence alot of jump servers and hack accusations lol). You can run and move freely, shoot instantly from jumping/sprinting. Lovely game to play, so slick Tbh... like Ive said. This is meant to be WW2 ? People werent lugged down with equipment. The japanese etc were very physical fighters. Its such a silly way that theyve created the sprint/jump/fire combinations, its very.. slow! Edit: Yh... the dogs just seemed to be bouncing their head and making alot of noise. I just shot the crap outta it :P :D :D
  4. RAMC

    Call of Duty WaW Beta

    I don't think the game is a total fail... but there are some bad parts indeed =\ Explain more about these probs mate, what happened ?
  5. RAMC

    Call of Duty WaW Beta

    I agree with this guy ^ The 'jump' is very weak... I'm HATING the way it keeps sprint on, even when youre not holding it. I'm also really really annoyed about the delay in firing, from sprinting, and the way it's hard to sprint and jump. It's supposed to be WW2... not modern like CoD4. People in WW2 could sprint and leap like monkeys, especially in Japan. It feels a bit like playing Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter... too chunky. However, the graphics are very nice, and Im really loving the CTF ability. PC died before I got to play many maps, spawns seem bad but map creation is very nice. (P.S the dogs are easy to own lol) :D
  6. RAMC

    Call of Duty WaW Beta

    :banghead: I was playing the Beta and my PC died!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It had been on at night sending a file. Played beta at about 12-1pm, was playing it for about 30mins, and PC turned off instantly. My Nvidia shows my GPU hits about 50-60 celcius if I play UO for ages, with no acceleration on the fan.Thats low graphics.. I was playing CoD5 for about 30mins, and the GPU or something must have went crazy. The Nvidia CP is set to up the fan speed auto, but it doesnt always up it enough. I think the CPU blew. Cant be PSU because the green light on the Mobo is on, so is the ethernet light. Just no responce from the PC when I hit the power button. No beeps either. CoD5 blew my CPU... lol ? Going to contant the company, for RMA and details on the warranty!! Wish me luck :angry: :rolleyes:
  7. RAMC

    Call of Duty WaW Beta

    d3dx9_37.dll not found..
  8. RAMC

    Call of Duty WaW Beta

    Still waiting for DirectX to decide to work :unsure:
  9. RAMC

    What is look upon as a cheat

    Cheating is the use of a program/cvar/setting/bind that gives you an unfair advantage. You wont get banned at all, for maxpackets or fps commands. Just, some Servers have different settings, where Admins put max fps settings allowed, so people can't do certain jumps etc. So, nope that isn't cheating. Pretty self explanatary, any tweaks are allowed (to improve performance), cheat commands are ones that improve accuracy, anti-recoil, aim, speed, vision etc. /com_maxfps ??? /cl_maxpackets ?? /cg_drawfps 1 ^ Handy commands.
  10. RAMC

    Microsoft Releases Internet Explorer 8 Beta

    Ie is.... :mellow: Ban Supertaz? :lol: :lol: :lol: Firefox owns all B)
  11. RAMC

    PSB & PBB

    Just stream them both as usual. I did them both via. Rcon. I just have two cfg's, on from PsB, one from PBB. Works fine If I add anything, I just add it to both.
  12. RAMC

    F U C K U AD M IN

    Hey Mr.Admin Here it is:
  13. To access your FTP: Log into BranZone with your Email Addresss and Password. Then I'm guessing there will be a tab where you can click My Services/My Servers/Game Servers. Look around till you find the control panel for your Server. I'll give you an example of the kind of thing you should bind in the information section for the Server (your provider should definately show this information). ftp://[email protected] Username:gs1671 Password:7715 (Just an example) That means: Username: gs1671 FTP Address: Password 7715 Now, if that was my FTP details, I'd open SmartFTP and put into the bar at the top: Address: Login:gs1671 Password:7715 Then hit enter and it should log you in. If your game server doesn't provide that information there are some issues.. you'll need to contact them and get hold of those details for your Server. Add my Xfire for any more help! (Remember they are just example details, yours will be totally different mate)

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