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  1. mave

    COD 4 Keycode

    Yea But he shouldnt have to Is there a way Around this to save his Money??
  2. mave

    COD 4 Keycode

    I just looking for help on this guys Keycode and no its not the same Guy. So i cant access that Part is there a way i can get this Problem sorted???
  3. mave

    COD 4 Keycode

    Wont let me do anything rodeo mate ???
  4. mave

    COD 4 Keycode

    Hey Guys I have a problem You see one of my members friends stole his Keycode and is using his code and its stopping my member playing. Also hes threated to use hacks so it bans him is there a way he can get round this i have Photo proof that The Keycode is His so Please can you help me?? Thanks Mave

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