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  1. xX_Renegade_Xx

    EA Accused of Predatory Practices By Politicians

    You'll know what they'll say Taz, we're not forcing anyone into buying anything, it's all player choice.
  2. xX_Renegade_Xx

    Squad (From PR Mod Creators)

    I just don't understand gamers today at all. The whole point of playing a game is to get better, ok we all suck to begin with that's to be expected but these aimbotters are so obvious to see. I think some use the cheat in the hope of getting caught then use it as some kind of bragging right on a cheat site, makes no sense to me at all. Why would anyone want to be labelled as a cheater? You're marked for life, so to speak. Maybe that's the appeal, to get some kind of recognition. It's not just PB Taz, every anti-cheat site is hated because you stop these people from infesting the servers and running amok.
  3. xX_Renegade_Xx

    MS Admits Win10 Upgrades Went Too Far

    Microsoft gone too? Never! ;) I remember that popup as well, had to disable it as it was so annoying. I'm using Windows 10 now and so far it seems to run much better than Windows 7. I didn't upgrade to Windows 8 as I believe that was a mess as soon as it was released.
  4. xX_Renegade_Xx

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays 2016

    Merry Christmas all at PBBans! :D This year has flown too :o
  5. xX_Renegade_Xx

    Merry Christmas All!

    Seems very quiet in here for this time of year ;) Merry Christmas All! Have a good one and don't get too drunk, ok you can ignore that last bit :D
  6. xX_Renegade_Xx

    Killing Floor 2

    Did anyone apply for the refund now it's out of EA?
  7. xX_Renegade_Xx

    Battlefield 1

    That is shocking! Dare I ask how much they're charging for that?
  8. xX_Renegade_Xx

    Man Has Fastest Internet Connection In U.S.

    Nice speed, shame it's wasted on CoD ;)
  9. xX_Renegade_Xx

    Killing Floor 2

    I've not tried it so can't say if it's good or bad, I stopped playing the game before it was added. It might take off on the consoles but I think it was a mistake for the PC and for the game in general, the time wasted on it could have been better spent imo.
  10. xX_Renegade_Xx

    Killing Floor 2

    It was good in some ways but bad in others, their decision to go with MTs and crate drops was not welcomed at all, then you have the addition of PvP, what? KF has never been about PvP and I believe it's still currently dead and has been since it was added. Add to that some of the weapons, commando for example which is my fav perk, the weapons are so similar. When you compare it to KF1, pick up an AK or a SCAR and the feedback from the weapon is perfect, you know exactly what weapon you're using, I didn't get the same feedback from KF2. The weapons also feel very weak and sound terrible, like airsoft weapons. The new zed abilities are very good, able to run, dodge and block but the player can also block and run away from everything, I believe every perk in the game can outrun any zed, where's the threat if that's possible? You can even block or parry a Fleshpound, the most dangerous zed in the game besides the bosses :o I've seen FPs wipe a whole team in seconds in KF1, now you just run away :P
  11. xX_Renegade_Xx

    Killing Floor 2

    I've already spoken to Yoshiro Taz, wished him well for the game but said it's not for me. With regards to their launches, only they can sort that out, it might not be the fault of Tripwire this time in a way, player expectation for KF2 was huge and that can go either way once it's released as early access, players expect a certain standard when it's released and it only takes one player to be disappointed and post on the forums and other people will notice that and maybe start questioning that design choice/idea themselves. It snowballs from there. Bringing in a new team was the best thing they ever did, they seemed to take hold of the game and put more focus on what direction they wanted to go, top marks for that! Typo :P
  12. xX_Renegade_Xx

    Killing Floor 2

    It's not that the game is bad, graphically it's superior to KF1 in every way but I'm not impressed by flashy graphics and their launch did a lot of damage I think, it was the same with RO2, Tripwire never seem to learn and always mess up a launch. It's had updates since then but a lot of the long time players of KF1 had either lost interest or moved on. The sad thing about that is they wanted to appeal to a new type of player, these are the sort of people that expect and demand an update or something new every month, I hope Tripwire can deliver because these people will be gone in a heartbeat. Certain things I do like about the game but a lot of things I don't. I have over 3,200 hours in KF1 but less than 20 in KF2 and then I removed it from my Steam account.
  13. xX_Renegade_Xx

    Killing Floor 2

    I don't think a lot of KF1 players do, the dev made a post some time ago asking why KF1 players were not moving to KF2, the replies were more or less the same, casual, MT's, crate system, auto lock on, no atmosphere, etc. This was my reply in that thread: No disrespect but the fact that you have to ask is why a lot of your hardcore fans are not even playing. I've moved onto another game so hopefully the replies you get here won't fall on deaf ears.
  14. xX_Renegade_Xx

    Killing Floor 2

    You think so? I love KF1 but I can't abide KF2. The game has had a lot of changes since release but for me it was too late, When they start adding auto lock on and auto aim weapons I lose interest very quickly. I won't even get into the MTs and crate drops as they don't affect gameplay but it's something I really dislike in any game, even more so if it's a follow up to my fav game :(
  15. xX_Renegade_Xx

    Battlefield 1

    :lol: I see quality control will be putting in some overtime ;)

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