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  1. Disturbingly there were a couple of UK cinemas doing a 24 hour screening of the film. Pay once and you could stay there all day with only tea served to keep you awake and 15 minute interval breaks
  2. A WWII infantry focused FPS trying to recreate the "classic" games of CoD 2, MoH, etc. It's currently a Kickstarter project but has met the initial funding goal so should proceed to full development. http://www.battaliongame.com/ I think this looks very interesting. Certainly the initial trailers and kickstarter bumf look quite polished. They want to get the FPS back to the basics of player skill stripping out all the perks boosts and other stuff that gives some .advantages over others. Anything you can add, by virtue of time served playing will only contibute perhaps to a score boa
  3. Ah - I'm a numpty. This is commonly referred to in my clan as "an MGP moment". That something won't work becuase I type something slighlty wriong, in this case one digit on th IP, and then spend hours trying to spot it. One day they will get themselves a proper admin. Thanks.
  4. I added a new BF4 server last weekend. It was set up using the streaming hub tool which didn't report errors. It's been added to my server list, and approved by PBBans admins. But it seems to have always been inactive. That is despite a couple of restarts. I can't see any log errors punkbuster which is active on the server. rcon port 47400 pbsv.cfg file is ;Auto Generated by PunkBuster Server ; Some of the following settings may not apply, ; consult manuals at evenbalance.com for full documentation pb_sv_MsgPrefix "PunkBuster Server" //[PB Message Prefix
  5. Nice Effort. Moving hosting is always tedious and never undertaken lightly, but to get lowered costs yet faster systems, every cloud has a silver lining :)
  6. For the little it will achieve, I'll add my voice here (as I have done elsewhere) to the disappointment that so many of the previous EA/DICE RSPs are apparently being culled. I doubt however that anyone is really listening to the customer. Ultimately the decisions have probably been made and set in stone. We don't yet know which providers we will be restricted to. The closest comment appearing to eminate from a DICE person on Battlelog has simply said there will be "plenty of providers". My suspicion is that unless the provider has presence in multiple data centres they don't meet the
  7. Well done to all at PBBans. What would we do without you?
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