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  1. Hey everyone, Just wanted to advertise our server here. We have been streaming for about 3 weeks now. The server new'ish and we need regulars. So, stop by and give us a try. We are running city/titan maps for now. Maps in order: Suez titan Sidi titan Camp gib conquest Cerber conquest 3 rounds each Any suggestions and/or comments are appreciated Server info is in my Gametracker sig below. Thanks!
  2. Gutsdozer

    Disappointing Results.

    Thanks for the input. O and thanks for catching that ***hole Black-Baller! Myself and a couple friends hate that guy! Im not going to stop streaming but on the other hand....what good does a dead server do me... Ive been trying popular map rotations and that sort of thing. It doesnt seem to make a difference. I guess time will tell.
  3. Gutsdozer

    Disappointing Results.

    Hello all, I have only been streaming our BF2142 server for roughly a week and a half. Prior to this it never really took more than a half an hour to an hour to get the server running. After we got the server streaming and advertised "THIS SERVER IS STREAMING" it's never been the same. We have only been able to get it running a handfull of times since then. Even then we've only had 10-15 people at the most. Whereas before it was no biggie to get 30'ish players. Maybe it's just coincidence.....I don't know. I have also noticed that there arn't those regular players that were "Really Good" showing up anymore. Has anybody else had this happen to thier server after getting it streaming? don't get me wrong. It's great to keep cheaters out and keep it a level playing field. Im not saying streaming to pbbans.com has killed my server either. I guess I am just a bit discouraged and was wondering if im alone in thinkning that BF2142 hacking really that out of hand...

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