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  1. K-Boom

    Enforce Cross Game Bans

    The ones who aren't complete idiots will do this. But it's still a good feature as you can also avoid players that were caught cheating in other EA newer games.
  2. K-Boom

    Name Hacks possible?

    This case most likely the users regained access to their accounts and EA is issuing new game keys. The old keys certainly will become useless If these violations the cheater caused are valid then there isn't much you can do. Maybe as this is so much a public issue it could be noted somewhere at the ban, ant not only here with this thread. Some users will have trouble with servers where admins will think they were catch by PB previously or with competitions where they do some background search. Anyway, best of luck to all...
  3. K-Boom

    Apply sempre denied

  4. K-Boom

    PunkBuster coming to Bad Company 2

    I'd like to thank both PBBans staff for working this out with DICE, and DICE for listening :) Changes my perspective towards the game. Happy that the cheaters won't be too happy :lol:
  5. K-Boom

    PunkBuster coming to Bad Company 2

    Yeah RW. Unfortunately most people go on the wave and hype of a new BF-series game and will buy it. Knowing the history of problems, and "great support" by EA/DICE for BF2 and BF2142. Instead of making the game/software better, they are cutting out the parts that they can't fix? Not releasing the game server files won't stop cheating and people discovering bugs, exploits and security flaws. I'm quite sure the hack coders liked this news.
  6. K-Boom

    PunkBuster coming to Bad Company 2

    Sometimes I feel glad that BF2 and BF2142 were the last EA/DICE games that I put my money on... Buy EA/DICE game again? That's a disturbing thought...
  7. K-Boom

    Viol 70762 Bans Removed (COD Series)

    Good that it was sorted out. http://www.pbbans.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=105220 Funny as they thought it was not an error, and figures, it was :lol:
  8. K-Boom

    ET Banning Suspended - Now Resumed

    GUID spoofing... This is the kind of thing that can't happen. EB claims PB isn't made for streaming, but this can not be an excuse.
  9. K-Boom


    Bem, fa
  10. K-Boom

    Como adicionar ?

    Clica ali em cima em "AccCP" Vai abrir a p
  11. The odds of a keygen generating a valid authenticable CDKEY are small. Many times the cheaters trade or share CDKEYs. They do not necessarily buy a new one. Some are also cheap to buy at small online stores ore auctions. Player A gets banned only on his favorite server X Player B gets banned only on his favorite server Y Player A trades his CDKEY with Player B. Cheaters already admitted that to us, and you can check this sometimes via MPI where one appears on the other linked GUID, players from totally different places. To crash the people to desktop using the Name spoof vulnerability the guy doesn't have to fully load the map. He just need an unbanned GUID on that server. The GUID must be on the server's ban list so he's unable to crash people to desktop using the Name spoof vulnerability. Even if it's a globally banned GUID. It must be on the ban list to block the user from joining.
  12. K-Boom

    Hub Downtime

    Those fast SATA drivers are as good as SCSI but not so expensive. Did you get 2 HDs, for mirroring/backup purposes? Sadly I can't send any donations. Hope it all get sorted out as soon as possible and PBBans keep up the good work!
  13. Understood. Therefore they can only be banned from a particular server if you download the pbbans.dat and save it on the server or via the Enforce Bans flag if the guy with that GUID joins the server. :) Thanks
  14. So, the cheaters caught via PBSS and on the MBI of PBBans will be only banned if they join the server, via the Enforce Bans flag?

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