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  1. FCWViper

    I owned 2 CDs

    Yup I am sure I have them marked , XP is disk a and Vista is disk disk b same for the CD keys I did go to the regedit and retyped in the cd key and now it is back to the right GUID on the XP box. The only thing I can think of is that maybe just maybe with the same IP my PB glitched and sent the same GUID to both PC's , other that that I am just stumped how this could have happned.
  2. FCWViper

    I owned 2 CDs

    Yes I did But the funny thing is the GUID that is popping up on my XP pc is the Guid that has always bin on my Vista PC for 2142
  3. FCWViper

    I owned 2 CDs

    OK I just ran in to the same problem I have 2 PC's and 2 copies of 2142 PC #1 XP , 7950 Nvidia 512mb card 4 gig of ram PC # 2 Vista Home PR 8800 640mb Nvidia card 4gb ram I Run the top 2142 NS server in the world Monday I decided to start back up a 2142 Citymap server. Well I have both my PC's in the CityMap server. just siting there in idle Well I loose power at the house for the next 26 hours , So the next day I boot up the 2 pc's and go to load in on the new server , As soon as my to guys load in to the server the screen freezes on the map. I try to reboot and run the 1.5 patch again no luck , So I uninstall the 2142 from both pc's , and reinstall ( both of them are marked with what accounts and what PC they go on ) I get them all patched up and load into the server and the next thing I see is PB KICK , So I pull the pbsvlog fron the 2142 server and I get kick for 5 min for having the same GUID on both accounts . I have gone thru and cleaned the XP box up , even got a new copy on 2142 , I lord it up and the same dam GUID pops up from the " assigned GUID from the PBSERVER" So any ideas on how to fix this

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