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  1. As of now i am no longer with LPGS. There are a few factors that have led to this choice and i would like to thank each and everyone that i have been able to help and get to know. I will not get into details here. for the ones that know my number feel free to call and shoot the bull. once again thank you all.
  2. Please contact me via email directly trevor [at] lowpinggameservers.com
  3. t.yag

    Low Ping Game Servers Sold

    Thanks for pointing that out it has been corrected
  4. t.yag

    Low Ping Game Servers Sold

    Most of our machines run with the min bandwidth of 3TB, we don't sell any dedi server with 2TB We have never gone over our bandwidth nor has any customer.
  5. t.yag

    Low Ping Game Servers Sold

    there has been a couple reports about this and we are working on a fix for this problem as i my self have had this in the last day or two. We are leaning towards a DNS issue we are looking into it
  6. t.yag

    Low Ping Game Servers Sold

    You have the wrong site ;) are site is www.lowpinggameservers.com
  7. t.yag

    Low Ping Game Servers Sold

    I agree with you 110% to limit a game to only one provider is just plain wrong and i hope that we never see it again. Dont get me wrong on my last post. I agree that having games files "locked down" is a bad idea from a gamers side, but on the same note I also see why it is at that point for Dev's to make games like this, to help protect the games themselves. It is just something that we as a community will have to get used to as from what has been the norm will likely contiune in the future.
  8. t.yag

    Low Ping Game Servers Sold

    To answer the questions, There is no parent company for LowPingGameServers, the people who bought the company do own another GSP but both company is there own. Now as for the Ranked games. While agree it is bad for the end user there is however a plus side to it by not relasing the server file helps keep the game intact.Not sure how many here know of the small proble that has just pop up with SOF2 servers, since the game is open code there has deen a server side nightmare, where as the server gets attacked and the bandwidth goes thru the roof causing huge bandwith overages. Where as if the server files stay protected there is less of a chance of stuff like this happing. Starting Feb 15, 2011 we be hosting RANKED BF2 and BF2142 servers. We look forwad to being you gameserver provider. If you have any questions feel free to contacts us
  9. t.yag

    Low Ping Game Servers Sold

    Thanks for the kind words, If there is anything that i can do just let me know.
  10. t.yag

    Low Ping Game Servers Sold

    Yes, All thou LPGS was bought by another GSP, LPGS is still its own provider just new bosses. Everything is staying the same, from prices to support we will always be there to answer any questions you have/get what you need to make your time with us the best it can.
  11. t.yag

    Low Ping Game Servers Sold

    We should have the new servers online near the end of the month/start of November.
  12. t.yag

    Low Ping Game Servers Sold

    Good luck =GoMg=THE__DRIFTER, Don't worry i am not taking anything personally...lol I know it is a bit rough right now, I am sorry to all that the support ticket times are getting a bit longer. I am working on getting that corrected as well. If anyone needs to you can always email me directly [email protected] unless i am sleeping i should be able to get a response back to you in a manner that you are more accustomed to . Again i would like to thank Andy for the work he has put in yet again, in helping getting the TS servers back online.
  13. t.yag

    Low Ping Game Servers Sold

    We have the German TS3 Servers back online, And on another note i will be doing my best to make sure that you all have a great time with LPGS
  14. From what i have seen from the above posts is that the PGL Scripts are working just fine just like PBBans. if i go thru the server Registration here at pbbans and put in the streaming info everything is good but if i remove the PBBans streaming info i would be getting the same thing a PBUCON header mismatch as the PBBans repo would still be trying to connect to my server but the UCON profile would not be there to allow the connection

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