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  1. =OSF=NecessaryEvil

    PB support discontinued for Crysis Wars

    This is a disappointment. Is there any reason for the loss of support?
  2. People don't like me, because i disagree with them. :D

  3. Hi. Why can't I find your f'ing forum ID?

  4. =OSF=NecessaryEvil

    Change Profile Name

    Is it possible to request that my forum profile name be changed from Big_Z to NecessaryEvil? That is, if the name is even available.
  5. Thanks :) but does this mean that every time my server is empty I will not be able to access the SGA private forum and use other features exclusive to SGA's?
  6. I have a game server that is streaming to pbbans.com, but I cannot access the private game streaming admins section of the forum and I cannot use the MPi w/o receiving the message "Public access can not view clean players." However, when I check on my server under the server management tab, it says I am currently streaming.
  7. =OSF=NecessaryEvil

    How to get a hacker banned?

    Oh I know, my server is now streaming. I was just surprised (and disappointed) that I was able to submit screenshots from a time when the server was not streaming, only to find out that the pictures wouldn't be accepted. I hope these hackers come back so that I can re-submit. :lol:
  8. =OSF=NecessaryEvil

    How to get a hacker banned?

    I submitted 2 pbss's but I think they were deleted because of the fact that my server wasn't streaming at the time they were taken. Very disappointing to see how difficult it is to ban players that were clearly hacking.
  9. =OSF=NecessaryEvil

    How to get a hacker banned?

    I have conclusive pbss evidence of 2 players hacking. How do I get these players banned w/ the ss? Sorry to double post
  10. =OSF=NecessaryEvil

    How to get a hacker banned?

    The specific hack I had in mind is not detected by pb and the ss turns out black. So, even thought the player is flying around the map in super speed, I don't have concrete proof to submit, do I? EDIT: I'll create an application to stream to pb soon.
  11. =OSF=NecessaryEvil

    How to get a hacker banned?

    I have a Crysis Wars game server, the other day a hacker joined the game, used his hack, admitted to hacking, and then proceeded to display the name of the site where you can find the hack (I know, I took too much time before kicking him). Obviously, I have banned the guid of this player on my server, but how do I go about getting him banned on all pb servers? It's unfortunate that I have no screenshot of his hack, b/c the hack included a ss blocker. Also, I would post his guid here, but I don't want to break any forum rules; which doesn't make sense to me. I mean, if he admits to using hacks, why can we not do all that we can to ban him and his hacker friends? Basically, my question is this: what steps are involved in banning a known hacker's guid if it is not currently listed in the ban list?

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