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  1. buttscratcher

    PBBans Userbar

    Snazzy. +1 for the effort The only feedback I'd throw in would be, change the word games to game. No need to pluralize (sp?) the word 'games', for a sig denoting an individual. The PBbans term "SGA" stands for, streaming game admin. Or at least thats what I thought :P. Or, at least it was before someone thought it too tough to type SGA, and change it from SGA to SA (which was another bad PBbans change IMO) but thats for a different topic.
  2. buttscratcher

    Call of Duty Black Ops 2

    And still not one penny from me :P (Although I do miss the zombies)
  3. buttscratcher

    LAN party tax hits Swedish gamers

    DICE found a way to boost sagging stock prices?
  4. buttscratcher

    bad policy on pbss

    Surfy, you've always been way too nice/patient. :) Dont know how you do it. Going to guess HMS reminded someone (that should know better), of the "read this before posting" sticky. If so, good job HMS! lol Ethical? Just have to love illiterate rants. who cares.
  5. buttscratcher

    Battlefield 4

    Wake me up when DICE invests in something different. Almost said this was a reskinned Bf3... This sh*t isnt even reskinned, its just a $60 entrance fee for new maps, with the option to buy more "new maps" at a later time. Change the thread name to "BattleField 3.5" Think Twiebie summed it up earlier: Same shit, different day. Need one of Maydax funny pics. Sheep in queue w/ money in teeth, waiting to pre-order BF 3.5 For those buying because you 'really love BF' more power to ya, least you know exactly what your buying, lol. Those buying because 'there isnt a newer fps option' well, DICE thanks you for your lack of hobbies outside of PC gaming ;)
  6. buttscratcher

    Battlefield 3

    Thats depressing.
  7. buttscratcher

    Atari Goes Bankrupt

    Might have made more money if they would have let ppl buy the iphone versions of their old games al la carte... Always pissed me off that they forced ppl to bundle 4 stinker games in with one good game.
  8. buttscratcher

    Adobe Creative Suite 2 now Free

    Thanks Maydax. +1 Have it downloaded, but getting the "cant verify publisher" warning.
  9. buttscratcher

    Maydax ---> Time For The Snow!

    Fireworks for nye! Nice touch.
  10. buttscratcher

    Call of Duty Black Ops 2

    Maydax. Where did you find those numbers? tia
  11. buttscratcher

    Another School Shooting

    huh? Thats got to be the lamest (or most confusing) argument you've ever floated. Either that or I need a Dick Tracy decoder ring to decypher the rest of that post. :P By your logic, why dont you go dig up the widly accecpted number of 30,000,000 men, women and children credited to hitler and stalin and ask them for thier perspective. @ Surfy. Contrary to what is generally floated, our 2nd amendment is as much as a right of protection against "deterring tyrannical government" (or, our right to protect ourselves from Uncle Sam). I guess looking from the outside looking in, the United States gun culture is the exception around the world. At least until your country is the victim of the Blitz and need us to come over and save those unable or unwilling to protect themselves... Thank goodness for the forsight of our founding fathers, and the greatest generation that saved England, France, and the rest of the "civilized world" - who had limited access firearms they could have used to protect themselves with. ;)
  12. buttscratcher

    Another School Shooting

    Got to wonder about the parenting, and and the pratice of "problem solving" through medication... Kid has a problem? Give him/her a pill. Have another issue? Give them another pill. What ever happened to actually talking to a kid as a form of thearpy? Guess its easier (less expensive) to medicate... I'd also like to see paddeling brought back in the home, and at school. The "time out" punishment does not instill a healthy fear to not do something wrong. Things have been headed in the wrong direction for a long time now. Gun control as a meaningful solution to the many larger problems facing todays youth, is a pipe dream.
  13. buttscratcher

    Another School Shooting

  14. buttscratcher

    Maydax ---> Time For The Snow!

    ho ho ho! Thanks Maydax :)
  15. buttscratcher

    Another School Shooting

    Dad told me a long time ago, that there is no greater pain a parent can endure than having to bury one of his kids. But this? What a mind *uck. Just cant get over it. Children... Incomprehensable. Everyone remember to hug your kids a little tighter tonight. If you think your confused, just imagine what youngsters must be thinking/feeling when trying to make sence of this.

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