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  1. CurtisO

    Got thrown in a wall.

    I'm still not willing to risk it.
  2. CurtisO

    Got thrown in a wall.

    I don't think someone should be banned for getting into a wall. I just assumed that using it to their advantage would get them in trouble. I assumed that the PB software also monitored for soldier presence in forbidden space (like in a wall), and that killing 5 or more from within would result in a ban. So if I tried it, I wouldn't have to worry about being banned from PB and having my Soldier Deleted? But I would have to worry about EA taking possible action right?
  3. CurtisO

    Got thrown in a wall.

    Well. They should ban people for wall glitches. I think that it's cheating, and don't understand why it wouldn't be seen as something that PBBans would consider Ban-worthy.
  4. CurtisO

    Got thrown in a wall.

    A few days ago, I was playing BF2142 on Camp Gibralter map, and I was killed. Someone revived me and I couldn't move forward or backward. The only thing that I could do is spin in circles. I then realized that I was probably stuck in a wall of some kind. I sort of panicked, hit ENTER > SUICIDE > DONE. I didn't get any Kills or points while I was stuck. Does Punk Buster / PBBans detect things like that? I was playing on a Titan server and one of the enemy got into the Titan's Hangar/AA,AS Gun Room a.k.a. Bridge. He was sitting in one of our Air Transport Ships Killing us as we were spawning. Haven't seen his name or the server listed on this site for that particular incident.
  5. As far as I know, I've only used 1 CD key (unless I entered it incorrectly). Maybe it's because I entered a "Clan Tag"?
  6. So, a "Clean Player" means that I don't have any violations, right? Why would it say that I have 2 GUIDs, do I have one for every Soldier?
  7. How can I view my own personal Soldier's Status? When I enter my Soldier's name it says, "Public access can not view clean players." It also says, "Clean GUID(s) (2)" and "2 result(s) found".

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