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  1. massi

    Vista SoF2 look throught walls

    Hi again i think i found the problem, my graphics card is not compatible with DirectX 10, im using a Dell Optiplex with Intel 82945G Integrated graphics i know is shit, but i can
  2. massi

    Vista SoF2 look throught walls

    Hello, thanks, i have uninstalled, deleted the folders and reinstalled again, the graphic driver are up to date, i have tried with all graphic settings disabled and the problem still, now im downloading the last DirectX i hope this finish the problem. but if the problem still persist what i need to do to resolve this werid thing, im hacking without hacking.
  3. massi

    Vista SoF2 look throught walls

    Thanks, but i already tried with compatibility mode and the problem still there

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