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  1. oskarg

    NQ weapon range change

    true I will also ask there:) seen weapon scripting was hoping for something global like in et pub is g_dmg
  2. oskarg

    NQ weapon range change

    Hey Maybe someone knows how to change weapon range. how to: Lower dmg for short range weapons when shooting on long range. appreciate any sugestion that may help
  3. oskarg

    Campaign cycle

    Thx for answer :) But i found what was wrong. There where 10 maps in first campaign - I have reduced it to 9 and its working now. I also created 3 diferent files.campaign in script folder, compresed in one .pk3 but it should also work with one file. so do as you like,
  4. oskarg

    Campaign cycle

    Do you mean just changing 30 maps ? one after another.
  5. oskarg

    Campaign cycle

    I need some help and guidance with campaign rotation, narowly what should i do to make it work. I run server with noquarter 1.1.1 I have created pk3 file name camp.pk3 The file contain : { name "camp 1/3" shortname "cmpgn_k_1" description "description" maps "goldrush;snatch3" mapTC 374 374 type "wolfmp" } { name "camp 2/3" shortname "cmpgn_k_2" description "description" maps "venice;oasis" mapTC 374 374 type "wolfmp" } { name "camp 3/3" shortname "cmpgn_k_3" description "description" maps "fueldump;v2base" mapTC 374 374 type "wolfmp" } server config do: exec campaigncycle.cfg set com_watchdog_cmd "vstr d_initial; say watchdog found no map running - restarted mapcycle" and campaigncycle look like this: campaigncycle.cfg set d1 "campaign cmpgn_k_1; set nextcampaign vstr d2" set d2 "campaign cmpgn_k_2; set nextcampaign vstr d3" set d3 "campaign cmpgn_k_3; set nextcampaign vstr d1" // server doesn't recognise the campaign command when the gamecode isn't running yet. set d_initial "set g_gametype 4; map goldrush; set nextcampaign vstr d2" vstr d_initial Now server stops at last map of first campaign and I can't get it jump to next campaign. If anyone of you see waht is wrong and can help me I be greatfull. Thx

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