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  1. Sweet Dreamz

    I OWNED 2 CDs

    I found my GUID and it shows up. But The 2 accounts show the same GUID, and server owners said to me you have Dirty GUID? What does that mean??? Is it legal to have 2 accounts in one CD? Thanks,
  2. Sweet Dreamz

    I OWNED 2 CDs

    Hello, I bought my first CD in Sep 2007 and it was working very good, until it's scratched and became so hard to start the game with my old soldier 400 EA ranked. Well, I've bought another bf2142 with Deluxe Edition, and installed in my computer, and now I have 2 CDs and 2 accounts. However, it does not show my GUID...... it shows: "The guid you have entered is caused by having an invalid CDKey entered in Battlefield 2142. This guid is globally banned by evenbalance. If you are getting a ban message with this GUID try reinstalling Battlefield 2142" Can any one help me up!

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