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  1. LastEnemy

    CD Key Ban

    Thanks so much!! :lol: Haha I usually overlook those kinda threads but I cared enough to look for something that would help me this time :D thanks
  2. LastEnemy

    CD Key Ban

    OH >.< I just saw the thread for that GUID ><
  3. LastEnemy

    CD Key Ban

    sure 8a02f1f0
  4. LastEnemy

    CD Key Ban

    Hey guys this is the situation. I bought my friend 2142 for Christmas online. I used my EA online account and bought it there. He downloaded EA Downloader on his PC and I loged in and installed it it on his PC. So since both of us were up and running we jumped right into the game and started playing. I got banned from a server for a duplicate CD Key issue and we contacted EA support about it. We both uninstalled the games and he installed his copy first using the correct CD Key that comes programmed with the game when you buy it online (it used my CD Key that's why there was a duplicate, i have no idea how it happened) so then I installed my copy using my CD Key and didnt have any issues after that. However I can't join the clan I would like to join until this ban is lifted. How do I go about doing that?? my in game name is LastEnemy so you can look up my ban that way. sorry for writing so much ><

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