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  1. Clanoutpost Gameservers also offer Reselling packages for the more popular games. Check them out at http://cogameservers.com/reseller
  2. Hello. Clanoutpost Gameservers is now open yet again for business, we've upgraded our website fixing a ton of bugs and adding a bunch of different features. One feature tat is now very popular is our Free Trial section, before you buy a server through us we encourage people to test from first so see if they like it. So now we are offering a very fast and easy solution for that, you get yourself a 24 hour Free Trial with a server of your choice. Tired of paying too much for your servers and always having them crash and then waiting hours for them to be put back online? Well your
  3. We've changed a few things with DayZ. We've opened up another location for DayZ We now have Phoenix Az, Dallas Tx, Los Angeles Ca now hosting DayZ servers. New package is the following; You can get a 50 slot DayZ server for $35 a month. This includes the following; Database Access Free 10 slot Teamspeak Server Free www.YOURDOMAIN.cogameservers.com website 24/7 support 90% of the DayZ mods are there for you to add to your server, the other 10% are mods that are being created weekly and daily that we do not know about. Thank you and have a great day! Clanoutpost Gameser
  4. Hello, I'm just letting you guys know that Clanoutpost Gameservers is now hosting DayZ Servers. We host them for $1.00 a slot, we only host Private Servers so your able to pick between 25-50 slots. We only allow hosting in 2 locations. Dallas and Los Angeles as of right now, reason for that is because we are just starting off with DayZ and it is a very powerful and resource needing server/game. Once we get a few orders and build up the client base in DayZ we will be moving into other parts of the USA and Europe. www.cogameservers.com Thank you and have a great day! Clanoutpost G
  5. Hello PBBANS members and guests. 11 days ago Clanoutpost Gameservers created a voting website for Clans and Communities. The website is like top100clans.com and sites like that. The url is www.clanvote.com Its very easy to advertise your Clan/Community on this site, since the site has been up for 7 days the trial period is over, we have reached a total of 481 page views with a total of 1337 page views. If you want your website (Clan/community) on this site just create an account and add it, I'll accept the website within 12 hours, I have to approve every site because we got hit
  6. Hello, Clanoutpost Gameservers is holding a Black Friday week. Starting today until Nov 30th if you use the promocode BLACKFRIDAY you get 50% off your total order for everything we host except; Voice Servers Dedicated Boxes Everything else is 50% off, you can get gameservers for $0.25 a slot or webhosting for $2.50 a month! This deal is 50% off your server for 3 months, after the 3 months is up the price goes back to the normal price. Don't miss out on this awesome deal! www.cogameservers.com Get your server today! Clanoutpost Gameservers Mangement
  7. Hello PBBAN Members and Guests, Clanoutpost is proud to be annoucing that for an unlimited time only we will be selling 90% of our games at $15.00 with unlimited slots. With this deal you get the following: B3 with no support - FREE B3 with support - $3 Fast Redirect - $9 Voice Server limit 12 slots - FREE Depending on the game a choice of slots between 12-32 or 12-64 No matter what the slot count is, you only pay $15.00 USD for it! This is a limited time only deal so don't expect it to be here at the end of September. There isn't a set time that this deal will end but its
  8. Hello. Clanoutpost is proud to be annoucing that starting today, All Counter Strike games will be $0.50 a slot, including CSGO Why spend extra money on something when you don't have too? www.cogameservers.com Come get your server today!
  9. Clanoutpost Gameservers is now offering Package Deals! Our most popular games we now have a package deal that can save you up to $16.80! The package includes Call of Duty 4, Counter Strike Source and Counter Strike 1.6. We offer 3 packages per game. First Package "Team Starter" 24 Public slots 16 Private slots 16 Voice slots $25 Second Package "Clan Starter" 32 Public slots 18 Private slots 22 Voice $35 Third Package "Community Starter" 32 Public slots x2 (Your able to combine the 32 slots to make a 64 slot server) 18 Private slots 32 Voice slots $50 You can check
  10. We just got a Dallas location. We currently host in Chicago and Dallas
  11. Hello everyone, I have been working on this league for a few months now and now I can say, its going public. Right now this league currently has; 1 ladder setup. Call of Duty 4 - Promod (Awaiting Approval for SC2) 1 Tournament Call of Duty 4 - Promod ($25 Buy in) 1st Place gets 50% 2nd Place gets 25% 3rd Place gets 10% The league rules are very simple, they are made to make the game fair for everyone. The league is sponsored by Clanoutpost Gameservers www.cogameservers.com The website is www.pc-league.com We are currently looking for cod4 staff members, Starc
  12. Hello PBBans members and guests . Tired of paying too much for your servers and always having them crash and then waiting hours for them to be put back online? Well your search is over! Our servers are located in Chicago so All North American players can have a decent ping while our friends over to the east can still play with us and not have a really high ping. We offer games from as low as $0.60 a slot to the more higher memory usage games for $2.80 a slot! Minecraft Servers as low as $7.00 and as high as $60 per server. You paid per the MB not per slots We offer Redirect
  13. Hello Pbbans members and guests. I'd first off like to say that all the staff at Clanoutpost would like to say we are proud to have lasted how long we have and because of it we are doing a 50/50 draw. I'm sure everyone likes money and I'm sure everyone likes servers to play on so Clanoutpost is doing a 50/50 Draw. You will find all the info you need on it at our website Clanoutpost Gameserver's Website Thank you and have a great day! Devin Clanoutpost Gameservers Owner
  14. Halo Servers from $0.50 a slot now! Cogameservers is having another promo sale for the month of April. From now April 1st until April 30th with the promo code APR01 you will get 10% off any and all servers for 6 months! Don't miss out, get your server today!
  15. Starting today, March 10th for 20 days we will be running our March Frenchy promo code. 10% off all servers for 6 months with the code MF12 Come get your server today!
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