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  1. yeah, a legendary, child-molesting freak!
  2. ElSeeDee


    My clan's server is in San Jose. I live in San Diego.
  3. ...and would it be possible to put the appeal in there, too? It would be nice as a reference when they come back to our forums to try and get back on the server.
  4. OK. So... if PBBans followed your example of server administration, you would have been banned after your first post. I also notice you haven't been granted SGA status yet. um... good luck with that.
  5. Just so you know... PBBans has nothing to do with PunkBuster/EvenBalance banning people or servers. PBBans basically just enforces the bans on violations that PB/EB say are valid.
  6. My bad. I thought the COD stuff was streamed and verified, that's why you accepted it. You learn something new every day!
  7. Because it doesn't show what the player sees. It shows what the "camera" sees. And, the BR files are not streamed to PBBans so they cannot verify their authenticity. Believe it or not, there are some unscrupulous people who would edit a video to make it look like someone else was cheating just to get them banned.
  8. ... since my first escape from the big boss in W3D!!!!
  9. Good question. Why so many GUIDs, Hothead?
  10. He was kicked from my server. Not banned. He should have been able to re-enter the server after 2 mins. or go to any other server.
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