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  1. Silv3rBall3r

    Need help on something weird please.

    Thanks alot guys, you're the best for a reason :D Cheerio!
  2. Silv3rBall3r

    Need help on something weird please.

    Thanks, But I'm actually looking for that particular reason lol What could of caused this corruption and how can my Key be scrambled. Can it be scrambled remotely? Nothing in my root folder has been edited in weeks and no recent updates have been required. That's why it's odd to me. Thanks for your reply Lad! SB
  3. Good Day, I have been playing on my clan's SOF2 server and no other for the past 3 years. Today i log on and the game oddly prompts me for my CD KEY. I ignore by canceling and join the server as usual (all pb updates have been executed before as i played yesterday). As soon as i join the game kicks me: SILVERBALLER PRIOR KICK/BAN PB GUID GLOBAL BAN. So i'm like wtf... I re-launch the game, enter the CD-Key and joined without a problem... I have never seen this in 7 years... Can anyone explain why this happenned? Thank you in advance for your help and support. Cheers! SB

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