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  1. a.random.noob

    Ideas for the future

    well Im sorry if i hurt your feelings not my intent. I look at stat padding as cheating because while I have to get a medal or badge the old fashion way they are sitting around get them done. Badges are challenge to the game that is usaully what is the point to games am I not wrong? With the stats I already have had 3 max rank players so its easy to rank but like the old days people tryed to have fun now all they care about yes are the badges and such. And I hope you and I havent gotten on the wrong hand. Dont get me wrong Im dont dissing the work you all are doing.
  2. a.random.noob

    Ideas for the future

    See thats the thing the Server Provider follows EA rules or they lose the right to rent out servers if they get caught. EA seems to not give a hoot anymore they just look into the future and poop on the past. And (no effense) AC sites only care about hacks. Is there not a happy medium. Excuse my french but someone needs to grow some balls and fight for something.
  3. a.random.noob

    Ideas for the future

    Quick question would it not be easier to have ppbans stream the individual computer and not the server. Or would that be to much work.
  4. a.random.noob

    Ideas for the future

    very true on the money, dont get me wrong guys I like the work you all are doing
  5. a.random.noob

    Ideas for the future

    I said nothing about modded servers.
  6. a.random.noob

    Ideas for the future

    Well I think EA, ppbans (or other anti-hack provider), and Server providers should find a happy medium. I dont like hackers as much as yall do but you three need to pull resources together and make a fun game instead of having a crack in the system.
  7. a.random.noob

    Ideas for the future

    But what is 'Modded' servers and how do people stream to you? Plus its harder to contact EA then said.
  8. a.random.noob

    Ideas for the future

    Ok well I was wasting some time and I looked at the banlist of mainly the Battlefield series and I noticed that the servers that caught the person hacking are actually infact pistol or snipe or knife servers. So Im just wondering how this is possible if you dont allow ppbans on those types of servers. If you look the HK_ is a sniper only server. I have noticed that a couple pistol servers are starting to change the name during the day and at night they change it back where it doesnt say pistol only. And even better they are using titan mode. I think you should have undercover teams on your ppbans supported games to look for these servers and shut them down. If I have to waste my 50hrs trying for a badge so do other people. Also I was thinking would there be a way that you can have ppbans streaming the computer and not the server if this is possible it would caught alot of people. It seems that people (not saying any names) dont seem to care about the future hacks, oh and can someone tell me who to call about a known hacker. I have him baned so I believe I have his hash and IP/name.

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