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    Hello I am in a very ugly situation, am with a global prohibition and nobody gives me explanations and they do not show me my supposed violation, the supposed violation does not appear in gameviolations, punkbuster, pbbans, them of evenbalance say that there exist violations associated with my guid but never they show me the information of such violations, someone can do something??? Since it is the topic I buy the original game and they steal the key from me with a keygen and nobody becomes responsible, bony(osseous) that I remain without playing with an original game for other one that hiso trap??????????????? This does not seem to me to be slightly respectable, sincerely a total lack of respect, I attach link the ticket of evenbalance Thank you
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    Then they steal the cdkey from my me, use her with cheats, and nobody becomes a person in charge??? Have I q buy a new game???? Noooo nevermore do I buy an original game, in order that??? In order that the same thing happens to me?? Noooo do not throw(shoot) more money, from now I disburden them of Internet and it(he,she) will use keygen, and I believe that you me develop to understand, and if do not put in place mio, you to buy an original game again?
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    Hola aca les dejo una screen que saque de un player en un partida, y me comentaron que es cheat, me gustaria que lo confirmen por esta parte ya que son la autoridad a nivel PB gracias
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    Esto es lo que nesesitavas?? [05.23.2009 19:59:25] VIOLATION (MD5TOOL) #9002: =|CAM|=GX2 (slot #8) MD5Tool Mismatch: config.ini (len=2048) [8bf54be4e84be95a5d68a8824772d1de(VALID)] [05.23.2009 20:07:17] VIOLATION (MD5TOOL) #9002: =|CAM|=GX2 (slot #8) MD5Tool Mismatch: config.ini (len=2048) [8bf54be4e84be95a5d68a8824772d1de(VALID)]

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